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    Family account w/ 1 credit card not working

      Has the B&N system changed?  My significant other and I both have NOOKS and accounts with B&N.  We have separate email addresses, but we use the same credit card--a suggestion from Doug Pardee several years ago.


      I have, until yesterday, been able to buy NOOKbooks, download them to my NOOKs and download them to the NOOK app on my PC, creating an epub file on my computer.  I was then able to copy/sideload the epub file to the root directory of his NOOK (an HD, if that makes any difference) and he could open and read the book just fine, although the cover art never appeared on his NOOK.


      Yesterday, I sideloaded several books to his NOOK.  When he tried to open one of them, he was asked for the credit card name and number used to purchase the book.  No problem.  He has that information, although we have never been asked for it before.  After several futile attempts to open any of the books I had sideloaded for him, he tried to open a FREE FRIDAY book that he had gotten a few weeks ago.  It, too, asked for the purchasing credit card info.  He supplied the info and voila, the book opened.  He went back and tried the sideloaded books again, but no luck.


      Is there a new work-around for this type of sharing or has the system been changed so that this is no longer possible?

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          Apparently B&N decided to change how they do DRM.  There is a work around to this change, but it involves getting into that dark area of the law we call future proofing ebooks. 

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            Thanks, Mercury, can you give me more info about "future proofing"?  or a link to such information?


            I kind of thought I was future proofing (backing up) my purchases by downloading them to the NOOK app on my computer and therefore creating the epub file.  Is there something else?


            BTW:   I read about this "problem" of asking for credit card info on the Glowlight boards.


            I tried a soft reset.  Nothing.


            I tried using the name as it appears in my account, rather than exactly as it appears on the card.  Nothing.


            Since the books are sideloaded, they cannot be archived.


            So, I'm still looking for answers/workarounds.   Thanks for any info or suggestions.

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                Backing up was enough future proofing when B&N was using the old system, though I believe it always meant striping the DRM from ebooks.


                Again striping DRM is well in to the murky bits of the law.  That said unless you're distributing ebooks your chances of being caught are slim to none.


                Since it is in the murky bits of the law, all I can say here is googling alf and drm get interesting results.

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                Alex Garcia

                Hi whiteginger,


                To Mercury's point, we've made a change in how DRM is handled on our devices that doesn't allow the same behavior you were accustomed to. I'm sorry for the inconvenience that's presenting.


                Another way to achieve what you are doing now, is to use our Profiles feature to help manage/organize content amongst your family. Essentially, we can combine your two libraries into one and then you would select the content that goes to each Profile.


                There are some limitations - mainly among our legacy devices. But, I'm hoping that might help.


                Feel free to PM me for more information.


                - Alex

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                  As I recently posted in the similar discussion, DRM change? :

                  This topic - and its resolution - was discussed over at Mobileread

                  If you have the latest version of Alf's plug-in, the workaround is explained in the help file for the B&N area of the customization dialog.


                  You will need Nookstudy which can be downloaded from here: