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    Black pages on HD; book unreadable

      I purchased a book through the BN shop (Dark Tower VII, Stephen King) and the pages/cover/text/everything, is black. I can see the pages turning when I swipe and the page numbers at the bottom are all thats visible, but the page numbers are gray-ish with a little shadow effect to them. I thought that was also unusual. I can tap the screen for formatting and formatting is normal, sepia pages like all others books I read. If I try to jump to the middle of the book via the table of contents, its still black. Ive tried rebooting, archiving then unarchiving, moving to cloud (same as archive?)and even tried opening the book on the android app and my nook tablet. The app wont even open the book, the timer just spins and goes back to my library. The tablet opens the book but its sepia/normal color, except when i click anywhere on the screen, nothing happens, and still no text. Sorry if there is already a thread for this, i searched and found one similar issue but didnt appear resolved. Any ideas?
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          All I've seen are people who suggested archive and unarchive and for some that worked.


          Did you restart your Nook before unarchiving?



          Here's something that might work


          1) Get Nook for PC App.


          2) Download book via Nook for PC App.


          3) Transfer over to Nook.


          4) You'll have to enter your last 4 digits of credit card to access on HD. Then it should work.


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              I'll give that a shot. Might be tomorrow until i can do it, but I'll try it and let you know. Also, yep the restart was the first thing i tried.
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                Well, somehow I got it fixed, but I really can't say how. The only thing I can think of is right before I bought it last night I had set a device passcode. I don't know if that had any effect with respect to security permissions, but I just disabled it, repurchased the book from the shop, did the archive/unarchive deal, and the book opened like normal on all devices...the HD, nook tablet, and the android app. I just got off the phone with Nook support and they agreed to refund the first purchase. Couldn't ask for more, so, problem solved. Thanks guys for your prompt input and suggestions. Much appreciated.