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    Nook HD+ Will Not Install to Computer


      Just upgraded from Nook Color to Nook HD+. When I plug it into my computer (running Windows 7 Home Premium), it shows it as a full drive. The only file on the "drive" is "My Nook Setup", an HTML file that takes me to a page that says: 


      Welcome to MyNOOK Setup.

      MyNOOK Setup is a one-time installation that will allow you to tranfer your personal files to your NOOK.

      Transferable files include, but are not limited to: photos, music, videos, EPUB, PDF and Microsoft Office files.

      Note: Copyright protected files are not transferable

      For more information, visithttp://www.NOOK.com/support.


      When I click on the link to install, it downloads the following zip file: MyNOOKSetup.dmg I have NO idea what the problem is. The nook installs fine on my daughter's computer. (Meaning, there are several folders, such as "My files", etc). Can someone PLEASE help? BN support can't. Told me to take it to a local store (closest is an hour away and I sure can't take my desktop so they can see the problem)

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          Does it show as a Full Drive or as a Music Player i.e.


          Is it shown under 'Hard Disk Drives' or under another cateogry i.e. Devices with Removable Storage (or perhaps Music Players).


          It should be the latter.


          Nook HD+ uses MTP file protocol so it doesn't show as a drive.


          It shows as a Device with Removable Storage.


          When you double click on it, it shows a folder named 'Internal Storage Folder' and double clicking on that shows files and folders.




          Also, it's worth a try to do the following


          1) Copy the zip file to your Nook HD+.


          2) Unplug and wait for 30-45 seconds.


          see if there's an install process that happens.


          3) Plug it back in.