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    HD+ got HOT

      I keep my HD+ in an Oberon sleeve.  This evening, I took it off the desk where I keep it during the day and put it on a chair in the sleeve.  I think I had my NC on top of it, and it's possible it was under a scarf.  Maybe 45 mintues later or so I picked it up and sat found the sleeve and the chair were quite warm.  I took the HD+ out of the sleeve and it was actually HOT.  It was on, showing the opening screen.  I hadn't turned it on. Battery was down to 27%--it was charged the night before last and not used much, so it should have been was better than that.  I checked and I had the auto-sleep timer at an hour.  (Did that when I was downloading a movie a while back, never changed it back to a shorter time period.) I set it back to 5 min, and turned it off.  It's cooled down now, but this kind of worries me.  Any ideas? 

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          Is there any physical problem with the device? Particularly any deformation on the casing?


          I would do a soft reset anyway (hold down the power button for 20 seconds, release for 5, press for 5).

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              No, it looks fine. It cooled off quickly, works perfectly.  I charged it overnight and it's up to 100%.  I'm not sure how it got turned on in the case: I hadn't just slipped it in, where I could accidentally hit the button, and since I put it in upside down, it would be hard for it to be hit accidentally.  Must have happened, though.  But why should it get so hot?  That's what worries me.