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    wish list not loading

      Hi All. I am having trouble getting my shop wishlist to load now on my hd+. The circle loading icon just twirls and twirls and never loads. It ws slow before but at least loaded. Anyone having this issue and know how to resolve it?
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          There's another thread with two people who had this. No solution worked (last that I checked that thread).

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            It's been weeks now and the wishlist still isn't working.  I took my Nook HD into a B&N store yesterday and it worked for a short time while I was in the store.  Then, It stopped accessing the books on the wishlist.  When I got home, I couldn't get the wishlist to load.  I went to the store because I remember this issue on my Nook !st edition and the solution was to go to the store, turn the Nook's power off and reboot.  Sadly, for the HD, going to the store was only a temporary fix.

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              What I was told to do was press and hold the button right next to "Refine" and  it will pop up. I haven't had any problems with my wishlist since.

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                There is a solution/workaround, but it's one you will have to do each day you want to view your wishlist.Tap on the settings icon, then "All Settings". The tap on "applications", then tap on "shop". Then tap on "Clear Recently Viewed List".


                Next go to Shop, and when you tap on your wish list icon, you should be able to view your wish list.  If it doesn't work the first time, make sure you back out of the wish list page and are on your home shopping page, then go through the "clear recently viewed list" procedure again.

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                  I tried everything what do I do?