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    Looking for a lost spy novel

      Hi guys.

      I got a tip this might be a good place to look for lost books. I can't remember the title or the author ...

      It's a spy  novel from the 70s or 80s, and takes place in South-America somewhere. Most likely American, since the hero is an American agent f some sort. He's in the country for some kind of mission, and is fascinated by a statue of a woman, located at a plaza in the capitol. When he meets a woman that looks like the statue, he falls in love. I have no idea what the mission is, but eventually he gets wounded, and the woman promises to be a nun if God saves him. In the end scene he sees her from the window of his plane, standing on a roof, waiving at him.


      That's all I remember, but I would very much like to know what book this is!