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    App Killer ?

      For those of you who use App Killer, I have one question. I do think it performs well and is very user friendly....but....when I open the app, I notice apps that I have not opened in weeks that are suddenly open. Does that mean that some apps just randomly turn on and run without any action on my part?

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          Android has a feature that lets 'activities' and processes from an app to run in the background.


          So, for example, an app might have an 'activity' (think of it as a part of the app that can run by itself) to check for updates.


          Another might have an 'activity' that goes to the Internet and downloads data. Say a RSS reader app.


          So Apps are allowed to have these backgrounds processes that can start off without your active participation.


          Another example would be an alarm. It would use Android's standard Alarm Manager to run the alarm. But it might say - When the alarm goes off, start my X activity and let my X activity show a message to user 'Your Alarm Is Running'.


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              Well then that's a shame that apps can spontaneously turn themselves on  and run down my battery.


              I'll continue to use App Killer, but eventually  it may be useless as more and more apps have that capabibility.

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                  Apps should not be using the functionality unless they have gotten your permission to do so, or have some very valid reason to.


                  If you send me a private message with a list of what apps are running without you starting them, I can let you know which of those are misbehaving and you can kill those using App Killer or even uninstall.