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    Accessing highlighted text and clippings

      Hello all,


      I recently purchased a Nook HD+ (this is my first Nook device). I am still a Kindle user and also own a Kindle Paperwhite. I use the Nook as a research and learning tool and so far have been pleased with the device and impressed by the display. Of course the games and other apps are very limited but this is not a real issue for me, for what I use it for and the book store depth is pretty good and sometimes superior to Amazon.


      However, I have a few questions:


      (1) I read a lot of PDFs on the device, other than epubs, and wish to know if there is a way to access a file on the device that contains my highlights and annotations? Amazon offer this with a 'my clippings' file. This would be really useful, as I can then export it to Evernote and then develop personal summaries for my readings. I have purchased EZPDF, which is an excellent PDF reader, but it is an external app, so it is not easily coordinated with the books I have on the device, as the native reader. The native reader is very good, though sometimes buggy, and offers most of what I would need. Would anyone know where the clippings file would be located or may be I can export the highlights and annotations directly to Dropbox or even better, Evernote?


      (2) Is there a way I could email files to my Nook or email a PDF to my Nook and have it converted to an epub? Again Amazon offer these services.



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          Also, just some questions on the native reader application:


          When I go to settings, to turn on animated page turns, the reader crashes (it often crashes and it doesn't feel stable in use). Also, the reader by default displays a PDF full screen but when turning to landscape and back to portrait it takes a large strip from the top and bottom off and renders it black and so shrinking the reading area. Overall the native reader app seems buggy to me and was wondering if there is a solution or something can be done to get a more stable experience using it?

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            I believe the Calibre program (runs on a Windows box) can convert unsecured PDFs into ePub (and maybe other formats). You can then copy the file to the Nook.


            Amazon probably offers the mentioned service since the use a proprietary file format on their readers and needed a way to allow the many free ePub/PDF sources to be usable.


            No idea on annotations. Standard Android programming (at least from the books I've read) is that 1) each application gets its own private data store (yes, the data belongs to the application and not the user) and is not shared among applications (the library app can start the reader app passing the path to the book, but the reader app has no access to the library list); 2) applications should use SQLite3 to store persistant data.

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              1) Clippings File - I've never seen any mention of anyone accessing this. I think it might not be possible. As Wulfraed said, each app in Android has its own private space and that isn't accessible unless you root.


              I remember trying with the Nook Color to locate the highlight files and couldn't really. Of course, I only tried fleetingly.


              1b) Does EZPDF not offer this? To export clippings from PDFs?


              2) There's no 'Send to Nook' feature, to th ebest of my knowledge. Your options are to use Dropbox (to save file to your Dropbox folder on your PC, then have them on Nook Dropbox App), to use INstapaper (available on nook), or use something like Pocket or Drop It Later (not sure if this is available).


              2b) Another option is to save files and transfer wirelessly to Nook using Open File Explorer App. However, they have to be on same network.


              2c) Nook browser has an Article Mode. So you could use a bookmark site like Delicious or Stumble Upon to mark articles. Then later log on via HD+ browser and use Article Mode.




              3) Stock REader does have some issues. B&N has been slowly (but steadily) fixing issues in HD and HD+. I suspect they will make the reader more stable over the next few months.


              It helps to restart your Nook and to make sure you don't have apps running in the background taking up memory. Try App Killer app to see if any unneeded apps are running.


              Restart Nook -


              Power Off: PRess and Hold power button for 20 seconds.

              Power On: Press and Hold power button for 4 seconds.




              3b) If you save files to your Nook (as opposed to SD Card) that also helps in making things more stable.