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    Looking for a young adult fiction book I read in the 90s

      It was about a girl, from a lower middle class family, and her popular sister dies, and she gets her sisters clothes. There's one scene where shes coming home and she sees her baby brother or something on the ledge of the window and shes afraid hes going to fall out. In another part she invited her friends to come over her house for a party after a game or something but the mother is drunk and shes spent all her time scrubbing one spot on the floor, so the father cleans the house and hosts the party and saves the day but her drunk mother comes in and tries to be the center of attention. She said about which parent she favors "I hate them both equally." I think her parents were college educated and said that your college years are the best of your life. Her mother is a democrat and her father would say that she wastes money. It was a teen angst type of book. It read alot like Catcher In The Rye. I thought it was called American girl or something but I'm wrong.