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    Lost Nook apps after factory reset

      I was experiencing some odd display issues. In a hope that it might resolve it, I did a factory reset. That didn't fix things, so I shipped back for warranty repair.


      It came back with the display issue fixed, but with some unknown to me configuration, so I did another factory reset, so that I'd be starting in a known place. I went through ty usual registratiin and startup pages, and when I was done I had a perfectly functional Android tablet - with no Nook software installed.


      I installed the free Nook reader app from the Play Store, so I can read my books, but I could install that on any Android device. The Nook ntegration apps are missing, and I haven't any idea as to how to restore them.



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          I presume you're talking about one of the Samsung Nooks. 


          Who did you send it to?


          When you registered it did you have to enter your B&N account information, on a screen that said Barnes and Noble?


          The registration process on the Samsung Galaxy Tab Nooks barring device naming and wifi configuration and just getting down to what services you're asked to login to


          Google account prompt - Drop Box account prompt - Samsung account prompt (the drop box and samsung may be in reverse order I'm going from memory), and finally Barnes and Noble account which should be required unlike the previous services.


          I suspect you may have contacted Samsung and returned the device to them, they then processed it as a Galaxy Tab (whatever model 4 or 10.1) and replaced it with the same model in essence but with different software built in.


          If that's the case I'm not sure what can be done, you may try contacting Samsung to see if they can track the issue.


          This of course all hinges on the idea that you went through Samsung and not through Barnes and Noble, the primary reason I suspect this was the case is because the standard course of action for B&N is to just send a replacement device to you and have you mail your defective device to them after you've received the replacement.


          As a reminder this is a user forum, so the above is nothing official.

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            I sent it to Samsung, because the people at the Barnes and Noble store called Samsung, and then put me on the line.


            I spent an hour-and-a-half on the phone, yesterday, talking to Samsung tech support, and established that:


            1. Samsung tech support reimaged by tablet with their default image
            2. Samsung tech support will always reimage a tablet with that default image
            3. Samsung tech support doesn't have the Nook images available, to image, even if they wanted to
            4. The Samsung default image will not install the Samsung Nook App. It shows up in Google Play with the message "your device is not compatible with this version


            Then I spent another hour on the phone with Barnes&Noble support, and established that:

            1. Barnes&Noble support doesn't have the ability to reimage Samsung Nooks
            2. The only alternative, at this point, is to replace the tablet with a new one
            3. They said I might be able to swap my tablet at a local B&N, but they couldn't guarantee it


            So, I spent a wonderful hour standing at my local B&N, watching a patient clerk wait on hold. To the result:


            1. B&N is going to send me an email with contact information
            2. If I respond to that email within two days, they will send me a shipping label
            3. I can then ship my Nook with that label, and wait another three weeks for them to ship me a replacement


            I'm sorry, but there's something seriously broken about this process.

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              Yeah, this is the downside to B&N teaming up with Samsung.


              On behalf of the clerk who helped you, thanks for being patient.  We hate this process nearly if not as much as you do.  And not everyone is as understanding with us acknowledging we've got no power to make things better.

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                I very much disagree that there's nothing "you" - in the larger sense - can do about this.


                This is very much a self-inflicted mess.


                Didn't get the email, so I called support again, and after another half hour of waiting on hold and transterring around, I discovered that B&N support isn't authorized to issue an RMA, they can only request that some other department do so, and I might not see the RMA for two days.


                I am seriously pissed. I understand that the people I am dealing with on the phone and in the stores aren't the ones responsible for this mess, but B&N corporate most definitely is.

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                  I think he means the sales associates aka the people with feet on the ground in the stores. there's only so much they can do. now if you mean corporate and or support? whole other kettle of trout.

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                    Yes. The sales associates in the stores and the support personnel on the phones don't create the policies and procedures they're following. But the people who are responsible for this mess are working for B&N, at higher levels. Unfortunately, they never sit on the phone talking to pissed off customers.


                    This is my fourth Nook. To date, I've purchased over 200 books from B&N for it. When B&N removed my ability to download the books I've purchased from theiir website, they eliminated the primary reason I bought books from B&N rather than from Amazon or Kobo. Now that they've convinced me that they are entirely unable to support their Nooks, I can see very little reason to stick with them at all.

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                      Yeah I should have specified, the folks customers talk with seldom have any control.  Sometimes we (I work in one of the retail stores) can go a bit off script but corporate limits that pretty strictly these days.


                      I'm not sure which side made it so the Samsung Nooks had to go to Samsung, especially since they can't properly reimage the device, but I have little doubt that it's corporate that makes it so you have to wait three weeks to get a replacement.  Odd considering the normally fast turn around on all the other Nooks.

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                        Was piseed off this morning, so stopped by a B&N and asked to speak with someone with the authority to exchange the Nook in-store. They paged someone, and it turns out it was the same wan who had  helpd me the first time I brought it in, and arranged to have me ship it to Samsung. She insists that she has seen Nooks come back from them that were reimaged to still be Nooks, and that whoever at Samsung who'd said that they couldn't was wrong.


                        Still, she did exhange my Nook for a new one. Almost. It was in a sealed box, with the factory protective films, etc. But the battery was dead, and when I powered it up it was already registered with someone else's email address.


                        All I can figure is that it was a return that hadn't been reset before being repackaged - perhaps because they didn't want to take the time to charge it. After a reset, I was able to register it. It's at home, charging, now.


                        Meanwhile, it's been 24 hours and that email with the contact info for the return request still isn't here....


                        I did get an automated customer satisfaction survey email, though.


                        I'm going to write a novel.