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    Nook freezing up after latest update

      Is anyone else having their nook hd freezing up after the last update?  I'm used to the periodic crash, but now it is freezing while I'm reading a story.  Have to hold the power and U butter for 20 seconds or so for it to reboot. 

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          I've read one other person talk about freezing after update. Not sure which thread it was on.


          There have, however, been reports of freezing with all versions of the software, starting from launch.



          If you didn't have freezing earlier and now you do, then there might be two culprits


          1) The update. A bit unlikely but not impossible.


          2) Some app you're running in the background. The App Killer App (available in store for $1) will let you check what apps are running and then you can make sure there isn't some app running in the background that is causing problems.


          Was there any app you downloaded recently that does wireless checks?