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      • Re: Oyster starts selling ebooks

        Raise your hand (i.e.,"Like" my post) if this "news" item does not surprise you.

        • Re: Another source for ebooks!

          The article asks, "What if Netflix did such a thing?"


          Honestly, I wish Netflix *would* do this. I don't want a subscription to them, but I do want to watch some of their original content.


          As far as being surprised, I'm not at all surprised that the pubs want to control what's in the subscription and want certain titles to be sold outside of the model. I *am* surprised that they're choosing to do it with Oyster, though it does make sense as far as "discovery opportunities" go. The quotes in the article are a bit LOL - he doesn't want to say that they're going to tempt subscribers with what is effectively a bait and switch, a title that's not part of their subscription sitting in there like it is. But that's exactly what they're doing.


          I do wonder if the pubs are looking to increase ebook vendor counts, so that it will be easier for them to pull away from Amazon at the next contract negotiation.