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    spontaneous default


      I went to turn my nook Hd+ on yesterday and nothing happened. Waited a few minutes and tried again, still nothing. I new it was at least 1/2 charged but plugged it in anyway. When it finally powered up it had spontaneously went back to factory settings. Is this a common problem or freak occurance? I've had it randomly shut down a couple times but this is crazy. Not happy about having to reload everything. All my shelves, everything I've worked on is gone.

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          Reset issue I think i might have seen one other person mention.


          IT's rare.


          There are users who get random restarts. However, only two mentions so far (including yours) of factory reset.


          No idea why it would happen.

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            When it went back to "factory settings", what version of the software did you end up with?  Did you check?  Am just wondering if you actually got a borked update instead.  (Given the timing of your problem, and the problems others are having with the update, am wondering if they are related.)