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    Nook Color manga appear very small on Nook HD+

      I originally bought a Nook Color (and later a Nook Tablet) because of the great format for reading manga. I've noticed that many of the manga I originally purchased on the other platforms have pages that appear very small on the Nook HD+. I also can't seem to pinch zoom the pages larger. Is there a screen resolution setting or something that I can use to render these titles readable on the HD+? I've invested quite a bit in Nook manga titles over the past few years and I'm diappointed that they display so poorly on my new machine.
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          They appear small because they ARE small...


          The HD+ is a 1920x1080 screen (actually, I think it is a bit larger than that even -- maybe 1920x1200). The makers of that e-manga probably scanned the original source material to fit into something around 720x480, maybe up to 1200x<something> (720x480 is digital standard defintion TV resolution). {Also, the HD+ is something like 240 pixels per inch -- most Windows computer monitors are in the 90 pixels per inch range [my old Dell Ultrasharp -- as the name implies -- was a high resolution display; it is 100PPI and 12x16 inches]. Even most tablets are less than 150PPI}



          "Zooming" such an image to fit the HD+ is just going to result in ugly blocky pixels as manga is /image/ data. Regular text books are no problem as they are just text strings and the device controls the font/size at which to render the strings.


          Your best hope might be to write to the publishers of the manga to find out if they have plans to release updates sized for higher resolution/dimension displays.


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            Torrie - everything wulfraed said.


            What format are your manga in? What software are you using to read them?




            Since HD+ screen is nearly 4 times the pixels, the same image will be 1/4th the size.


            The only solution is to find some software that will allow you to scale the images. That would lead to lower quality images but they would cover the entire scene.


            If you let us know what format the files are in and what software you are using, then someone might have suggestions.

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              I assume they are ePub. I bought the manga through the Nook shop, and I'm using whatever the default Nook reader is. Not all of the older manga seems to appear so tiny either. I would have guessed that it appeared 1/6 size or possibly even smaller when the Nook is held in a portrait orientation. If I switch to landscape, the two individual pages actually appear larger than in portrait. Thank you for your help. I wouldn't mind a little image degradation to have it appear large enough to read the words. I would hate to have to buy new copies of everything, even if the publisher would release higher resolution versions.
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                Can you post a link to one of the manga you bought.


                When you start it, using the default Nook Reader, do you not get options at the bottom for 'scale' etc.?


                What menu options do you see?