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    Update 2.0.6 Wiped Out Apps!!

      I received a notification from BN and upgraded my HD+ this evening to 2.0.6.  When the device restarted, ALL my apps disappeared (i.e., Pandora, Flash, Adobe Air, Splashtop Remote, etc.)  After speaking with BN's (ghastly) technical support, I was advised to wipe the device and start from scratch.  I was an early adopter (purchased on 11/8) and I have lived to regret it.  I've put up with the weird, quirkly things that come with brand new technology and the kinks that have to be worked out.  Even had to have the Nook replaced already.  I don't complain about having to restart when things just go haywire or about pressing a word five times to get it to highlight in an EPUB.  But when a company provides an UPGRADE that contains "minor fixes", I don't expect it to do more damage than good, and I don't expect that it will require much more work on my side.


      I am at such a loss as to what to do.  Any direction, counsel, comfort.... is appreciated.  I really do want to love my Nook.  I purchased the tablet first and had NO complaints.  This HD+ is a different story entirely.  Sending this out to the Nook universe... HELP!

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          I read your post, then a little while later got a notification of 2.0.6 on my Nook HD.  I decided not to install it based on your story, but a little while later it just installed itself without asking me.


          Now all my apps and purchased books are gone!  I am so upset.  This is my first Nook product, purchased less than a month ago.  I am seriously considering cutting my losses, throwing the $229 + books/apps purchases I have made away and gettting an ipad mini instead.


          There is no excuse for this happening.  The extra price Apple charges seems to be well worth it as I'll bet they actually test their software updates before releasing them.

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            Called B&N support, they had me do a hard reset.  I then re-entered my account information and my missing books returned.  I now have to re-download my apps from the cloud.  Stored music in Rhapsody was lost but I can re-download it.

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              I just updated my Nook HD+ without any problems.  I did not lose any of my apps, or books.  Now, where are the widgets?  I seem not to be able to find them.



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                Nothing lost during Check For Update process -- not even my position in MahJong that I was playing while the update downloaded and rebooted.


                The widgets, however, don't impress.


                The only one I'd find useful (out of the stock ones) is the quick calendar view. BUT since the calendar still cannot be used stand-alone!!!


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                  I took a deep breath and downloaded the update. Everything remained intact.  I have the N2A card, but I removed it before updating.  Now I have a few Widgets.  Nothing else significant as far as I can tell, but I haven't had time to play with it much. 

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                    I just wanted to post and let everyone know that I performed the update tonight and everything stayed intact on my device. I've had my device since early November and yes it has had it's quirks but I've stuck with it because I believe in the Nook and I believe in B&N. I've taken each update as they've been released.


                    With this update I noticed that accessing my library, my shelves, and everything else is so much faster and so much smoother than in the past. All of my book marks, screen settings, library setting, and number of books is intact and working better than ever.


                    It's taking some time but I believe that B&N is listening and getting the quirks worked out.

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                      Do not give Apple to much credit. I have had some major problems from Apple upgrades.
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                        To all who have experienced "the wipeout," I offer my sincere sympathies.  It happened to me with the 2.0.5 update two days before Christmas; at that time, I lost shelves, scrapbooks, hours spent personalizing my Nook HD, and worst of all (to me) app data and progress.  Thankfully, so far as I can see, my Nook HD has just come through this update unscathed.


                        A Few Potentially Helpful Notes:


                        - This go-around, I prompted my Nook to check for updates (via All Settings>Device Information>Software version), but before doing so, I did the following: ensured that my Nook had a good charge; unmounted and removed my micro SD card; and checked to be sure that my Nook was receiving a strong Wi-Fi signal.


                        - In anticipation (more like dread) of this update, I spoke with Nook Store Support this afternoon.  Fortunately, the representative with whom I spoke was quite knowlegeable and able to offer several suggestions:

                        * First, she recommended that I reboot my Nook after the update finished installing.  (Even though I saw my wallpaper and profiles after the installation, I went ahead and did this to cover my bases.)

                        * In the event that I was unlucky enough to experience a wipeout this time, the representative recommended that I do the following:

                        a) Reboot (of course)

                        b) Go to Library>Manage Content for Profiles and ensure that all categories were checked

                        c) On another device/computer, go to bn.com and log in to my account.  In my digital library, archive each item.  Then reboot the Nook.  Then go back to bn.com and unarchive each item.  Then refresh the library on my Nook.


                        Perhaps something here will be helpful to a Nook owner or to a BN person working to resolve this issue.  Thank you to everyone contributing here.  The more data the better.

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                          Thank you so much for sharing this, iloveparis, I was able to use the instructions to reinstate my apps in the apps library on the device :smileyvery-happy:


                          Unfortunately the app data and progress is lost as you reinstall the apps, unless the app provider saves the data at their end.


                          It seems that for now the only way to keep your app data is to use the hidden app drawer to access the apps until CS come up with a fix. And you really have to tap and hold the word Apps when vol up is at max when you are on the apps page to have any hope of accessing the drawer.


                          Following your instructions, I needed a couple more steps to get the Apps reinstated:

                          Once I'd done the refresh on the library, I went back into edit profiles>Manage content and my purchased apps were now available for me to check to allow myself access.  Another refresh on the App library and the purchased app icons appeared with a download arrow attached, and I clicked on them to reinstall.

                          I'm glad you managed to avoid the wipe out this time around, and thank you for your kindness to those of us who didn't!

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                            Just adding some information for people who have one or more of our apps.


                            For three of our apps, Wallpaper Helper (Alarm Clock, Calendar, Weather), Notepad, Journal, you have the following options


                            A) To email yourself a backup of your data.


                            B) To save a backup to the SD Card.


                            C) To save a backup to the Nook's Hard Disk.


                            These are all present on the 'Settings' Page.


                            This is in addition to in-app backup. However, in-app backup is weak because if an app is lost or Archived by mistake then all app data gets removed.


                            So, please use one or more of the above three (A, B, C) once a week if possible.


                            If you have emailed yourself a backup of your data weekly, and/or if you have saved the backup to your SD Card or to your Hard Disk, then you can restore all your data. Even if something like the issue being discussed in this thread happens.


                            Emailing is best as it also covers cases like losing your Nook or Nook crashing or dying.

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                              This happened to me on Friday (2/1/13). The update seems to have installed overnight. Any notification, assuming there was one, would have been missed.

                              Lost all apps, books, comics and catalogs. A refresh only brought down one app.

                              Had to do a deregister and erase then go through the setup again.

                              Still re-downloading my content, which will probably take a couple of days since if you select too many at once it just stalls out.

                              Luckily I'd checked the device before leaving the house, else I would have had to burn up my MiFi data quota re-downloading content onto my device. I do have my older content on MicroSD (brought over from y Nook Color), but Nook HD doesn't bother reading those files to show me what they are, you just get the generic file names.

                              Also, prior to the upgrade, the device correctly scanned and listed the videos on my MicroSD card under Movies and TV. Now it doesn't even count them under My Files.


                              This happened with the previous update as well, and as pretty much everyone else has said is totally unacceptable.


                              Two things I'd like to see happen before another update is dumped on users:

                              1. Put in an option that will prevent the update from auto-installing. I want to have to tap Yes to upgrade, or No to not upgrade or Ask Me Again in 1 day to postpone it.
                              2. Either let me see the content on the device and back it up myself, or implement a backup function that will allow me to backup and restore my content to MicroSD, as having to download my apps and other content again is a waste of time and bandwidth; I'd estimate the total for redownload all my content is around 5 gigabytes or so, and I don't have that large of a library yet at less than 200 books and 100 Magazines.


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                                Update worked perfectly fine for me on my Nook HD.  No problems at all.



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                                  AlbionRose, I am sorry you had to deal with this. Thank you for posting a follow-up regarding where the steps I received succeeded or fell short. While I am glad for all of us to gather "recovery" steps, I fervently hope we never again need them!
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                                    Alex Garcia
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