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    Another browser for Nook HD/HD+

      The Puffin web browser came out and is very fast. No sluggishness when scrolling . Also has a mouse emulator. Downside is that with the free version you only get Flash support for the first two weeks.
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          Also worth trying - Dolphin Browser.


          If puffin are offering flash support for just the two weeks, then they've certainly figured out an effective way to get people to upgrade.


          Just my opinion - I think it's worth it if the browser works well Plus adds easy Flash support. Making a browser is an INCREDIBLE amount of work. Really very, very tough.


          Ever since Microsoft used free INternet Explorer to destroy Netscape there's the expectation that browsers should be free. But they are very tough to make.

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              I also have the Dolphin and Maxthon browsers installed on my Nook HD+. Both have their good points. I especially like the Quick Access page you get in Maxthon when you open a new tab. Microsoft has employed some not so admirable business practiices in the past, but there is a price to pay eventually for such behavior. They are way behind in the phone and tablet market and may never catch up. I like the phone/tablet app marketplace. It is very competitive and dynamic with a good mix of paid and ad supported.offerings. If you can't figure out how to make money at it, there are other lines of work to pursue. Especially nice is being able use a free app to learn whether it is good or not before buying the paid version.