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    Typing app like Word?

      Can I get a typing app like Word 2010 or something? Is it already downloaded? If so, how can I access it? I would be great to use this as a note taking thing for class, or heck, even something I can use to write papers! Is this a possibility?
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          The HD+ comes with the light version of OfficeSuite -- which, as I recall, permits viewing Word and PowerPoint, and some editing of Excel.


          OfficeSuite Pro supposedly allows creation and editing of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint (I paid for it, but haven't actually verified the creation/editing features yet). There is also an add-on Font package (why that has to clutter up the "Apps" page I don't know; the light version of OfficeSuite does not show up in the normal Apps page: hold volume+ and press on "Apps" to get the "extras" page, where it does show up).


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            I think you should just fork up the $15.00 and buy the office suite pro. I realy dont think there is a need for the add-on font package. It all depends on how you use it. I have been using it for only a month and I love it. It is excatly like the desktop version of Word and excell. Dont get me wrong, it is made by a different complany and it will look different.