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    JailBreaking/Rooting my Nook HD

      Just yesterday I purchased a micro sd card in hopes to jailbreak my Nook HD. So far I've come across a few problems.


      One problem I have is I can't find any toturials on how to to do. The ones I have seen are for the Nook Color, and or are too in dept to understand. I didn't know if anyone here knows of one they've used or have made. 


      Another problem I have is I can't currently put my micro sd card into my pc because I don't have an adapter for it to go into. That being said, I was curious to know if my micro sd card could still hold all the files and such needed without doing such task. 


      Thanks for your help.

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          Google XDA developers forum, you can search this forum or elsewhere for cm7 or cm9. I don't know if techniques for the HD and HD+ are scripted out yet.
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            Alex Garcia
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                  There is now a way to add the google app store to the HD and HD+ and purchase and install apps without having to root your device if you prefer to not do that. Whether you root or just add the app store and extras, the procedure is pretty much the same and you don't have to return to the original stock os first like previous Nooks have required. The instructions seem overwhelming at first, but it really is a fairly simple and straightforward procedure.


                  In a nutshell: You download the software that will burn a bootable image to your sd card. Both provided in the instructions. Then you download and copy to the card what you want to install, whether the rooting files and gapps and extras or just gapps and extras without rooting. Insert into your device, reboot, follow the instructions to install the file(s), take out the card and reboot. Then you are done. It takes about 10 minutes. Probably deciding if you want to root or not is the most time consuming. Much easier than when I rooted my NC.


                  I originally rooted, but converted back to stock and just applied the gapps and extras. I'm not really noticing any difference between the two, but it sure helps to have the apps I need to manage my library and not have to deal with the shelving issue on the stock OS. I have a HUGE library and I just can't keep dealing with having to do all that work every time there's an update. (big kudos to the Calibre and Calibre Companion app folks!)  I like it MUCH better than the n2A cards too. No need to reboot to switch between stock and the sideloaded apps or rooted side, install the supplied launcher that comes up when you hit the N button and choose which one you want and it instantly comes up.


                  Unfortunately, can't give you links or the post will be removed.

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                  I just wanted to comment, that I have tried several root attempts and have come to the conclusion that it is just not worth it.  Root the Nook color was much easier, and back then all I wanted was to be able to use Play Store Apps.  Now that is included on the HD+, I see no reason to root anymore.  I should go out and buy (for quite a bit more money) a full blown tablet if I want to have any more functionality than what the HD+ offers.  Since I have some Kindle books and Barnes and Nobles eBooks to read on my commute, it all works for me as it is.