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    Charging Giftcard AND Overcharging bank for same book

      I pre-ordered 2 nook books (7.99 ea) in March that would be released on Apr. 7th.  (Will NEVER do again).  On Apr 7 the books appeared, so did the 2 - $7.99 charges on my gift card AND a $20.67 charge from B & N  on my debit card.  No other orders were placed in or around that time from my nor my husband's accounts.  I have sent them 3 emails with full information and a copy from the line in my bank statement.  The only reply was to ask for bank information.  I had already supplied that. 


      Have no idea what the extra 4.69 charge was for, plus was charged twice for the 2 books (then later found that 1 book was only $5.99 when it came out!!!).  Talk about adding insult to injury!


      How did I get any help with this.  I'm thinking about just pulling our debit card numbers from our accounts.  My husband has been very generous with Nook gift cards in the past.  However, is now thinking about stopping the practice.  We have 4 Nooks here, use them constantly.  We also have 2 young grandchildren and are frequently buying them books from B & N.  This may all come to an end.