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    Searching for a book without title/author

      I'm looking for a book that takes place in the historical west. I can't remember the title or author. There were three romances that all connected into one family saga. It crossed three generations with the first romance, and the second romance being the first woman's daughter, and the second romance being the second woman's daughter.  In the first one, a woman travels west to be a tutor for a Mormon man's grandchildren. The Mormon man had two wives and each wife has a son. The woman is hired to teach the older son's children. She falls in love with the older son even though he's already married. Eventually, she realizes that she doesn't love him and stops working for him. She also follows the younger son into a war in Mexico where she has to pretend to be sleeping with him to keep herself from being raped. She finally falls for . She returns to the US when she finds out she's pregnant and the younger son dies in the war. The second story is about the woman's daughter. She falls in love with her cousin (the older son's son), but her cousin's mom insists they can't get married. The daughter falls into drugs and is won in a game by a Japanese man who heals her of her withdrawal symptoms. They fall in love, but the daughter is obsessed with revenge against her cousin's family. She becomes an outlaw and is arrested where she gives birth to the granddaughter. The granddaughter and her Japanese father are very poor. She works a lot and sings to make money. A man falls in love with her. He's somehow related to the cousin (by being his son or something I can't remember) and therefore distantly related to the granddaughter. She hates him at first for being part of the family that made her mother crazy. She rejects his help with her poverty and she and her Japanese father end up in a Japanese Internment camp during WWII. Eventually, she realizes she loves the distant relative and they get together. She also gets pregnant. Also, the granddaughter has a dog named Trouble.