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    Dead pixels on Lock Screen

      I just noticed that a few dead pixels have appeared on the lock screen. (They appear bright yellow and a few are magenta) They're only on that screen (regardless of the background I have selected) and when I unlock and view the home screen or any of my content, everything appears fine. It might have been there all along and I just didn't notice it. SInce it doesn't affect the screen when I'm viewing content, its not really that big of a deal but it still bugs me. I'm worried that they will eventually start to affect the screen in general. I got it at Best Buy in November so I'm debating taking it back. It's odd how it is only on the lock screen (like perhaps a glitch in programming). Has anyone else had similar problems?




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          Alliewinter, it's not dead pixels. Just a software glitch.


          I used to get it earlier on my HD+ where some of the app icons on home screen would have glitchy pixels. Going to any other screen and those spots would be fine.


          It's 99% a software error.


          My HD+ screen is fine. This was 2 months ago or so. The screen is fine now and the glitchy pixel thing is gone too.



          I think what has happened is that the software rendering of the image you chose for your lock screen is not right. So it's showing you some pixels wrong. That's all.


          Well, hopefully, that's all.





          From Wikipedia: a dead pixel never shows light, and a stuck pixel always shows light (typically red, blue or green), when the device is active.



          So if the pixel is fine eveywhere else and only glitchy on lock screen, that 99% has to do with the software rendering of the image on your lock screen.