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    Downloading from the web

      I have a magazine subscription that allows me to download old issues from their website. i could do it from my Nook color, but with the HD plus it always says download interrupted, what am I doing wrong?

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          What format are these files in?


          It's not clear to me whether you're saying


          A) When I download a standard PDF type file from the magazine website to the Nook HD+ then the download fails.




          B) When I download some special app or something for Nook HD+ it fails.




          Also, does it work for you if you download to your PC and then move it to your Nook HD+? Or is this some special thing that only works if you access from your Nook HD+ (which seems unlikely).




          If it's a download issue then it could be a myriad of reasons


          - wifi issues

          - the Nook HD+ browser (if you are using the browser). IN that case use another browser like Puffin or Dolphin.

          - something about the file type (unlikely).