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    twitter constantly updating


      The problem I had with Twitter is back again! It constantly updates itself every 2 minutes! Before you ask, I have

      1) Disabled all auto updates.

      2) No cache to clear since I DO NOT use it.

      3) Removed it from my profile.

      4) Tried force stopping and task killers.


      It appears that there is a problem with the latest official update of 3/17/15 that causes it to somehow be uninstall only to have my HD+ reinstall a previous update whenever I shut it off then  back on at a later time. I have checked the Google store and EVERY time this happens, it shows an update is available. The thing is that the last update the developers have listed there is the one of 3/17. I doubt they've been releasing updates every day. I refuse to deregister my HD+ since I have so many apps & books to reinstall & redownload.


      [Edit of 3/22] After some more careful observation, I am beginning to believe that the update is not installing properly. I would notice that it would download to about 34% sometimes even less in the Google Store then start installing. There is no indication that it downloaded the entire 14 some mb package, which may be the cause of the Nook HD+ uninstalling the update. It's annoying as all heck, but sadly there is nothing I can do unless Twitter releases a new update.


      [Edit of 3/23] I think I finally found what causes the latest Twitter update to uninstall itself. I noticed that whenever my library starts to sync (which is quite often) my antivirus starts to scan Twitter, which means that the update has been uninstalled. This just goes to further confirm my suspicion that the update is not Nook compatible.