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    twitter constantly updating


      The problem I had with Twitter is back again! It constantly updates itself every 2 minutes! Before you ask, I have

      1) Disabled all auto updates.

      2) No cache to clear since I DO NOT use it.

      3) Removed it from my profile.

      4) Tried force stopping and task killers.


      It appears that there is a problem with the latest official update of 3/17/15 that causes it to somehow be uninstall only to have my HD+ reinstall a previous update whenever I shut it off then  back on at a later time. I have checked the Google store and EVERY time this happens, it shows an update is available. The thing is that the last update the developers have listed there is the one of 3/17. I doubt they've been releasing updates every day. I refuse to deregister my HD+ since I have so many apps & books to reinstall & redownload.


      [Edit of 3/22] After some more careful observation, I am beginning to believe that the update is not installing properly. I would notice that it would download to about 34% sometimes even less in the Google Store then start installing. There is no indication that it downloaded the entire 14 some mb package, which may be the cause of the Nook HD+ uninstalling the update. It's annoying as all heck, but sadly there is nothing I can do unless Twitter releases a new update.


      [Edit of 3/23] I think I finally found what causes the latest Twitter update to uninstall itself. I noticed that whenever my library starts to sync (which is quite often) my antivirus starts to scan Twitter, which means that the update has been uninstalled. This just goes to further confirm my suspicion that the update is not Nook compatible.

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          Ok, this is getting extremely ridiculous not to mention ANNOYING!!!! I managed to fix the problem with one update a few weeks back, however, NOW EVERY NEW UPDATE seems to be overridden by the nook version which, NO THANKS TO THOSE IDIOTS AT BN WHO HAD THE GENIUS IDEA OF FORCING THIS UNWANTED APP ON CUSTOMERS, NONE OF US can get rid of it or even at least TRY TO ARCHIVE the damn thing since it DOESN'T EVEN SHOW UP on the web version of my library!!!   SHAME ON YOU BN!! WAY TO BUILD TRUST IN YOUR PAYING CUSTOMERS, SOME OF WHICH HAVE BEEN LOYAL FOR DECADES!!!

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            To address the problem you described with Twitter, other foistware, and even apps you use but wish to prevent from updating, running in the background, or running down your battery when you're not using them, you might consider either hibernating or freezing them.


            Various articles (e.g., in Lifehacker) indicate that hibernating apps is preferable to freezing them. Greenify. is a highly respected hibernator app (e.g., see Alan Henry | 6/18/13 5:30am | "Greenify Auto-Hibernates Apps You're Not Using to Save Battery"| Lifehacker). However, if you prefer freezing apps to hibernating them, then you might consider using an app manager which has "freeze" and "unfreeze" options, such as Link2SD.

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              Thanks for the help. Link2SD requires root access which I don't have and I'm not about to attempt rooting my Nook this far into the game. I will however give Greenify a try to see if that helps.

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                Don't mention it.  I hope Greenify will meet your needs.


                FYI for other readers: Link2SD does, indeed, require root access to move/manage some apps, but it works so well for many other apps on my unrooted NOOK HD and unrooted Samsung Galaxy smartphone that I consider it a must-have tool.

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                  No go. Greenify didn't stop the issue with Twitter even though I had it hibernated. I still got the usual antivirus notification indicating an app update. I guess I'll just have to live with it for now and pray that the next update will take.

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                    That's unfortunate.

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                      Thanks for the ideas, but it's obvious that nothing will stop this short of rooting which I have no interest in doing since I'm now running this thing on an extended warranty.

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                        I have a problem with Twitter also.  Recently I noticed Clean Master, which is a well regarded app, constantly telling me that "Twitter is safe to open".  This type of notification is supposed to occur only when a new app is installed.  Since it was happening all the time I decided to uninstall Twitter.  Well I bet you know what happened, Twitter reinstalled itself.


                        So I have to put up with the constant notification from Clean Master that Twitter is safe.  I am sure it is related to the problem you describe.  Almost two years into its use I can honestly say all in all the Nook HD+ is a completely unsatisfying product.  I should have just bought a real tablet.

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                          I haven't encountered your problems with Twitter on my HD+, but to stop Clean Master's constant notifications, try going to CM's Settings->Ignore List->Tasks and adding Twitter.


                          Sorry you haven't been happy with your HD+. Tomorrow will be the two-year anniversary of my HD+ purchase and I have been very pleased with it. It has done everything I expected it to do.

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                            Found an interesting quirk with Twitter. When I tried to update (latest version at the time was version 5.57) it last week it would roll back to version. 5.53 then roll back yet again to 5.52 only to update itself to 5.53. This was what was causing the infinite update looping I was experiencing. However, a couple days ago, After self updating to 5.53, it no longer did the infinite looping. It just remained at 5.53. I ignored the 5.57 update and left it as it was. Yesterday, version 5.58 was released and I risked updating. So far, it hasn't rolled back. I am beginning to think that my HD+ had a hiccup in the system for the past couple weeks. I hadn't installed anything new, just updated my apps manually like I always do and my antivirus did not pick up any viruses. My HD+ must be acting up since the extended warranty is running out in a few months.