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    Movies and Nook restarting

      Hi there. 


      My nook hd restarts randomly. It never completely downloads a movie either. Once I think it is almost done it goes back to 1 percent. I erased and deregestered it twice. No improvement.

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          Try putting in a micoSD card 8GB or more.. Then in all settings, storage management, default video storage, bullet the sd card. Not sure if you have the 8 or 16 GB nook hd and what you have stored on device, but hd movies are big files. Under the movies overview in shop you can see how many GB it is. I think it is best to use the SD cards for movie storage and not your internal memory. The lack of room for the movie may be causing the nook to do the random restart.
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            I have this problem with my nook hd too. It will restart everytime I try to watch a movie and I have a scandisk 32 GB ultra micro SDCH. And I only downloaded one movie 5.16GB.