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        I'm thinking Kindle Paperwhite...

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            Did you read the article?  It's about e-ink devices that work more like tablets than readers.  It's a subject I'm following because I have books with Nook, Kindle, Kobo, and a few random ones.  I would like an e-ink device that I could read all of my ebooks on, but the way things are now, I have to use a tablet.  My Kindle Paperwhite is my preferred reading device now, but I have hundreds of Nook books and a handful of Kobo books.  I also get free books sometimes through Google Play and Book Shout, but they require yet more apps.  Right now, my Nook HD has SIX reading apps on it in addition to the Nook app.  They take up a lot of space, so I don't have much internal storage for downloaded books.  It's also really hard to read on the LED screen.  (I had the same issue with the Nook HD.)  I always have to use my reading glasses for my Galaxy Tab Nook, but I can often read my Paperwhite without them. 


            I really, really want an e-ink device that will let me read any ebook obtained from anywhere.

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                I just ordered an Onyx Boox t68.  I'll post my impressions once it arrives.


                I wanted to want the h2o, but I have no way to add magazines easily to it, so I couldn't quite bring myself to get it.


                I found the onyx costs about 200.00 ordered from the manufacturer.  it has a 6.8" screen, a light, an SD card slot, and physical buttons.  it has a big wheel on the front bezel that I don't like, but other than that it seems to have all of the features I want, unlike any of the competition.