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    Showing covers on the Nook HD+

      Can someone show me the official way to get the Nook HD+ to load covers for sideloaded books? I have Calibre managing my ebook library and all of my books are DRM free. If I sideload a book that does not have a cover it loads fine, but the minute that I apply a cover in Calibre and sideload that copy, it now shows the cover in my Book Library which is great. However, when I open the book, it says "Error Dialog: Sorry, this book cannot be opened."

      I did nothing to the original EPUB, just merely added a cover to it in Calibre and synced that copy along with the original without a cover to my device. The book without the cover loads and opens fine, yet the one with the cover does not. Can someone help me with this issue? I can PM someone both copies of my book so you can see what I am talking about if need be.

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          Apparently it is the moment that I edit the metadata in Calibre that the EPUB file is broken for some reason. I changed the name of a book from "A Game of Thrones" to "Song of Ice and Fire #1: A Game of Thrones" and the book stopped loading, giving me that error dialog box. Anoyone have any ideas? Like I said before, the original "A Game of Thrones" book loaded fine, but the minute I changed the title, error on my Nook HD+. This is frustrating, you'd think they'd have this crap figured out already with how long this device has been on the market.

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            You said "I did nothing to the original EPUB, just merely added a cover to it in Calibre "

            Well, then, you did something to the original epub. Calibre has to modify the original epub in order to add this cover. The trouble is, you have no idea what else Calibre may've decided to "fix" in the process.

            Calibre is an awesome tool and I use it when I must but it's a little too heavy handed for my tastes. It does a little too much even when nothing needs to be done and I rarely care for the results. I repair/modify/improve my epubs manually using Sigil.