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    Sideloaded music problem

      When I bring up the Music Player after sideloading music or audiobooks the Artist tag on a handful of the tracks are lost. They become, e.g. Disc 2 with Unknown Artist and show up, under Artist, as unknown. The tags before sideloading were complete and correct.


      I have tried sideloading directly to the Nook from a PC as well as sideloading onto an SD card from the PC and then transferring the SD card to the Nook.


      If I look at Library->My Files->My Files->Music


      everything looks fine, at least as far as the titles go.


      If I have an audio book - which I have ripped to a separate folder for each CD - how do I play the whole audio book, one CD folder after another? The Nook seems to be set up to play (under Artist) a single CD (i.e. folder) at a time. Kind of a PIA with a 20 CD audiobook.


      Anyone have any ideas?