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    Nook HD problems

      I think I'm going to have to return my new Nook HD..I just got it last week for Christmas.  Registered it, then I kept getting a message on the home screen that said "Unfortunately your home stopped working."  I deregistered it and still kept getting that message.  After the 3rd time of deregistering, it finally went away.  However now I'm having an issue with the little "n" button that you press to wake your Nook up.  Sometimes it takes up to 4 times to press it in order to get my Nook running from sleep mode.  Other times I get a blank screen that shows light, as if it will turn on, but doesn't.  Will B&N replace it with another one?  I never had any problems with my Nook Color for the 2 years that I had it.  It still works great but just gave it to my mother.  I love the Nook but can't see keeping this if there are problems right off the start....Do you think this warrants at least an exchange???