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    "unfortunately, browser has stopped"

      Surfing and suddenly this message appears.... have turned off nook does not help.  Read about deleting but cannot keep browser page open long enough to get to setting (supposedly only on browser page?),  Anyone else with problem?

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          I'm having the exact same issue since this morning. I've rebooted several times, I cleared the cache, and I disabled Java script. All to no avail. I guess I will keep digging through Android forums to see if I can find a solution.
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            Ok, I think I have this solved. Apparently the browser (actually the same stock Android browser) occasionally has problems with corrupted data in bookmarks, cache, etc. Here's how to fix this: 1) Tap Settings (tiny white gear on upper right of screen) 2) Tap All Settings 3) Tap Applications and choose Browser 4) Tap Privacy & Security You're going to clear five different settings by tapping on them. Once you have cleared a setting, it will be grayed out. Make sure you get all of these settings or you might miss the corrupted data! Settings to clear: 1) Clear Cache 2) Clear History 3) Clear Cookie Data 4) Clear Form Data 5) Clear Passwords After clearing data, reboot your Nook. This should take care of the browser error! Unfortunately, you will then need to re-enter any saved data you may have had, such as passwords, auto-fill info for web forms, etc. I hope this helps you and gets your browser back to normal! I would love to know if this solution works for you.