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    Couple questions - help

      I got a Nook HD+ for Christmas, which I love, but it has a couple things different from the Nook Tablet that I had previous.  Can someone help me?


      #1 - While I'm reading a book, if I don't get through the page quick enough, the screen goes dim.  I have to tap on it to turn the screen bright again.  I checked the "PowerSave Mode" and it is off.  What is making this happen and can I make it stop?  It's so annoying.


      #2 - My Tablet use to tell me how many pages I had left in a chapter, which came in real handy when I was at work reading at lunch.  The HD doesn't do that and if it does, how can I make that appear?


      Those are it for now, I'm sure I'll have more.


      Thank you!

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          Question #2.

          If you tap the lower black portion of your screen, it will tell you your chapter, show your progress on a slide scale and how many pages you are into your book.


          Question #1.

          I keep my brightness to the max and my page never goes dim. I have my set on 5 mins.

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            Hi Debbie,


            1.) Go to Settings- General-Screen Timeout- and select the minutes that you want to keep your NOOK HD + on before it goes dim.


            2.) Point your finger before the page numbers and a gray should appear and it will let you know how many pages are there in the book. 


            Hopefully this helps you.