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    Books disappearing

      My side loaded books are disappearing off my book shelves.  Is there going to be a fix for this and if so when?  I updated to (2.0.5), have over 1200 books total, 400 side loaded.  I also have a SanDisk 32 gig and 2 profiles.  Also on profiles you can't create a self by the same name on 2 different profiles.  If I have a shelf name "Mysteries" I can't create a shelf named "Mysteries" on a second profile.  This isn't a big problem because I worked around this by adding a numer in front of the shelf name "1: Mistery" and for the second profile "2: Mistery".

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          I forgot to say I have a Nook HD+
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              Issues with Shelves are, unfortunately, quite common.


              They do happen with B&N books too - However, they seem to be most frequent when either


              1) You have a SD card.




              2) You have sideloaded books on an SD Card.



              IN V2.0.5 B&N has added some fixes. However, a few people still get issues.


              First thing to try would be to update to V2.0.5.


              Go to Settings.

              Then Device Information


              On right will be your software version number.


              If it doesn't say V2.0.5 then tap on it and you'll get a green 'Check for updates' button. Tap that to update.