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    Expired Subscription Switched to Month-to-Month

      I recently got an email from BN regarding the fact that a magazine subscription had expired & I was no longer eligible for a discount. For this reason, starting in July I would be switched to a month-to-month subscription & they would begin charging me $2.99 a month for the magazine. (I checked my acct & I had already been charged the $2.99). It went on to say if I wanted my discount back or had any questions to call the #below. I called the number & it turned out to be the publisher. I told them I no longer wanted the magazine & did not want to renew. They said they could not help me & to call BN.


      I spoke to two CS rep at BN. I explained to both of them that my subscription was through the publisher, not BN. My only involvement with BN was supplying my subscription # so I could receive the free digital copy I was eligible for. I no longer wanted the magazine so I did not renew it & I did not want BN to charge me $2.99 a month for something I did not want. The first rep insisted I had to call the publisher. The second caller told me she would "cancel" my BN subscription & remove this month's charge. I do not know how you can cancel a subscription that you never had & that was expired by the publisher 2 months ago! However, I did not question this logic & just asked for an email confirmation of the "cancelation."


      So if you sign up for a Free digital subscription on BN for a print magazine you already subscribe to this, apparently, is what happens. When your subscription expires, no matter how you originally acquired it, it will revert to a BN month to month subscription. They do send you an email, but if you are not expecting it you may just delete it thinking it's advertising. I almost did. The language of the email is confusing & focuses on the loss of your discount, not the switch over to month-to-month. In fact it took me a moment to figure out the "discount" they were referring to was my free digital edition. If you do not want to incur this charge you need to call the BN CS number, not the one they supply on the email.


      The amount is small so you might not even notice it for a couple of months. They also told me it also shows on my records that I also have a subscription to PC Magazine. That subscription (also not originating with BN) expired 2 yrs ago! I checked my bank records but it does not look like I have been charged for it but they only go back a year online. I asked them to cancel that one as well.


      I am sure there must be some teeny-weeny print about this procedure somewhere so read carefully!