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    Nook Book Wishlists on website have been deleted


      I just got off a chat with B&N support, because I couldn't find my nook book wishlist since the website update.  Guess what?  They've all been deleted!  I'm sure I'm not the only one who buys almost exclusively off my wishlist and uses it to keep track of things like the next in a series I'm reading.  I left feedback about what a lousy idea this is, and if you like your wishlist please do the same.


      Now I'm even more glad I ditched the Nook and got an Android tablet.  My wishlist on That Other Site is still alive and kicking, and I guess now they'll be getting more of my money because of it.


      Is it just me, or has B&N been getting less and less customer-friendly over the last few years?  Why on earth would they take away a feature as useful and revenue-generating as a wishlist?

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          I saw this when I logged in this morning and was wondering what had happened to it.  I had a wishlist so I can keep track of books I want to read and looking for deals on any of them as I try to buy most of my books when they are on sale.  I was not happy about it either.  I think this was piss poor customer service on their part as they would have sent out an email to all users that this was happening and to save their lists somewhere. They did this once before I think a few years ago and they ended up reinstating all the wish lists.  Maybe this will happen again.  Either way, bad on their part for this. 

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            Is it just me, or has B&N been getting less and less customer-friendly over the last few years?


            No, it's not just you. Apparently, you have not been reading the many discussions on that topic on these NOOK boards or other discussion forums for the past three years or so (e.g., B&N What Went Wrong & When?  and B&N removed download option on all books in "My Nook" library over at MobileRead).


            To add insult to injury, this most recent update to BN's website seems to have - in addition to deep-6-ing wishlists - disabled the greasemonkey script (formerly usable to restore the download button for purchased books) as well as the "Read Instantly" feature (that allows one to read purchased books online), which observations I have verified.

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              I gave up on the wishlists years ago.  They were poorly managed, often difficult to get to, and wouldn't sync between the website and the Nook devices.  Not worth the trouble.


              If they weren't willing to maintain a fully functional wishlist product (and they weren't) as far as I'm concerned they're better off without it.

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                I just tried to log in to my account and could not even get a log in box, much less see all the content I've purchase in the past - well over 1,500 books.  I guess this is there final security process.  We can no longer even look at or manage our library from our desktops or laptops via the website!  Bye bye Barnes and Noble.  My PW3 is in the mail arriving tomorrow!!

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                  Jeez, you gave me a scare! I had just accepted an update of the NOOK app from the playstore and was afraid it deleted my wishlist too. I checked my S5 phone to see if my wishlist is still in the NOOK app, and thankfully it is. I guess just the access to my wishlist is not working in bn.com, but I can still see it in the NOOK app itself, the data hasn't been deleted.


                  Customer Support should not say stuff like that and scare people half to death!

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                    Just checked posts and saw this re wishlists being deleted ... checked and saw they were gone....Not surprised, seems like Barnes just doesn't care about their customers.  They are still tinking with the website because lots of stuff is not working, partially working or works and then doesn't.   Since they got all crazy over not letting people download copies of their books because they assume that everyone can't be trusted, I have been very selective about what books I buy from them.   My concern is that since they delete wishlists (which I had been using) whenever they feel like it and without regard to their customers, that one day, all ebook purchases will just disappear from the website (oops sorry, we needed to update the website) which is why I always made backup copies.  I own a nook and have been bought lots of ebooks from them since the 1st nook came out, sometimes I purchased from them even when the ebook cost more than from somewhere else because it was more convenient with my nook.  But these days, I get the feeling that they just don't give a crap about loyal customers and now convenience be damned, I am going to shop around and I can side load purchases from other sites.  There are publisher sites for lots of the books I like that don't use DRM, because they don't automatically assume that their customers are all dishonest.  These sites believe that their customers should be able to read their books on a device of their choice and should be allowed to have a backup copy for their personal use.  


                    If Barnes wants to continue to stay in business and make a profit, they really need to learn a thing or two about customer service.

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                      Well, maybe I'm just lucky, but suddenly my wishlist is showing up on not only on my HD+ (which is where I enter my items), but also on my NGST4, my Nexus 4 phone (books only, no apps of course), and my bn.com account, but not on my NST. When I replaced my NC with the HD+ two years ago I manually entered the wish list items (over 70) that were on the NC onto the HD+. But they never showed up on my other devices or on the website until now. So it appears to me B&N is trying to fix one of the major complaints posted over the years - synchronizing the wish list across devices.


                      On the other hand, I can't login to bn.com account on my HD+ with Chrome or Firefox, nor via my NGST4 with Chrome, nor via MS 8.1 with Chrome. All those attempts are missing the login box. I can, however, login in 8.1 with IE, although it is not smooth and requires multiple attempts.


                      So they are messing around with the software, but I am encouraged by the replication of the wishlist across devices.

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                          I don't remember being warned that the site would be out of commission for long periods of time yesterday and the night before that, for updates. And AFAIK, BN didn't ask any of us customers with emails registered with BN.com to beta test the new site. Moreover, when BN launched the updated site, they did so with no explanation - not even a vague or even an annoying-and-less-than-credible "Big Brother's B&N's working to protect your security" statement - about having disabled some BN features (e.g., the wishlist and the ability to read purchased books in the browser) and thwarted third-party workarounds (e.g., the ability of greasemonkey's script to restore the Download button for individual purchased titles that BN.com had removed).


                          Sheesh!  Even elevator designers and transportation authorities have applied the commonly known research findings that providing people (and animals) with fair warning, status reports, and explanations about delays and service outages reduces their measures of impatience and dissatisfaction below levels measured when such information is not supplied.


                          So, whazzup with BN?! Either the power-that-be behind the most recent BN.com changes are ignorant about the value of providing fair warning about the short-term and long-term impacts (positive and negative) about the website update on users and the estimated time intervals for service outages, or they're unconcerned about customer satisfaction. Or could it be possible that BN is both ignorant AND unconcerned?

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                            This is a followup to my post of last night. I am now able to login to the bn.com site with Chrome on my HD+, NSGT4, and Win 8.1 devices. Flashfox (I erroneously referred to it as Firefox) still doesn't produce the login screen, though.


                            And I still have my wishlist on all my devices except the NST. When I change the wishlist on one device, the change is reflected in the wishlist on the other devices, so it definitely appears that B&N has created one wishlist that is available to all devices. I don't know what would happen if you started with multiple wishlists, though, as I only had one.


                            Anyway, good for them for providing this feature...finally!

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                            This thread is the only place I found discussing the removal of the Nook Wish List. Not only is my Nook wish list on BN.com gone (the only one I used because those on devices and app never synced with web site), but last night my library on the web site would only display part of it when sorted by author.  Wrote them a "nice" little e-mail last night.

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                              This is just annoying.  I had a lot of books saved for the future. good thing a lot of it is duplicated in Goodreads.


                              but deleting with no warning.  What's up with that?

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                                And another reason I keep drifting further and further away from my previous passion for B&N and their products. This is just another item on the growing lists of why I've stopped buying from them and am considering alternatives for my next e-reader.

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                                  Mine are totally gone too. No warning at all that this was coming to be able to save or copy my wishlist. Not only that, I cannot login to even purchase a book - the login window just spins and spins (sigh, I'm on a Mac). BN has totally borked this website, and I'm pretty steamed about it!


                                  Once again I am wondering - DON"T THEY BETA TEST these upgrades before going live? After years and years of being a BN customer, I'm honestly considering switching to Kindle.