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    New Nook owner having problems with connecting to computer

      Hey everyone. I just bought my nook today and I think I'm gonna love it. Problem is when I plugged it into my system. Windows 7 64. It auto installed drivers. Now it's showing the Nook as a drive. NOOK(F:smileyhappy: but it says it has 0 of 253KB available. Its a 32 GB storage. The computer is obviously not recognizing the storage drive as it should. Or perhaps even the nook as it should for that matter. Anyone else have this kinda problem or know how to get it up and going.





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          Two things to try:


          1) Go to Settings > Storage Management and then USB Connectivity on right. Tap on it and switch from MTP to PTP (Camera).


          This might fix it. Else


          2) Uninstall drivers and retry to see if it works fine this time.




          Note: Some people get problems with folders missing sometimes. However, you're the first person I've seen with almost everything missing., Strange.

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              Fixed it on my own, though thank you for the advice. My computer had recongnized it as the wrong type of USB connection because while windows 7 64 HAS MTP drivers built it they are not by default installed. 


              here is how to install them. From another mesage board:


              From Vizio tech William:

              We'll need to manually install the driver for the tablet. Please follow these steps.
              >Plug in the tablet to the USB port on your computer and the micro USB port on the tablet.
              >On your computer, Click on START, then on COMPUTER
              >Click on SYSTEM PROPERTIES
              >Click on Device Manager
              >You should see the following: Other Devices VTAB1008
              >Double click on VTAB1008 with the yellow exclamation point. The box below will pop up
              >Click on Update Driver
              >Next click on “Browse my computer for driver software”
              >Next, click on “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer”
              >Scroll down on the left window until you get to Portable Devices, highlight it and click next.
              >Click once on Standard MTP Device and the right window will populate. Next click on MTP USB
              Device and click on NEXT (MTP stands for Media Transfer Protocol)
              >Click YES to the Update Driver Warning
              >When completed, you will be told that Windows has successfully updated the driver.
              >Click on Close and you should be returned to Device Manager and now the VTAB1008 will
              appear under Portable Devices.
              >Your computer will likely now pop up with a new drive detected, just as it would if you plugged
              in a USB Flash drive. Click on “Open device to view files”

              Works as-is for Windows 7. for earlier versions you'll need to try one of the generic MTP drivers in the list


              I hope anyone else with these problems can find this page, it took me two days of internet searching to locate this simple fix.