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    HD battery dying?


      My Nook HD is having battery problems.  Specifically, when I try to play a Hidden Object game, or crosswords or now any game that I bought from the Nook store, the battery level drops to "critically low"- and when I plug it in, the charge level is already at 70-80%.  This is now happening when I turn on the WiFI.  I did a hard re-set and re-downloaded all my content, but the problem was not fixed.  If anything , it's getting worse.  My Nook HD started doing this right after my extended warranty of 2 years was up -related?  Is my HD dying?  Can anyone help?

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          I got my HD+ when it came out so it was 2.5 years old.  It suddenly wouldn't charge properly.  I unregistered and then registered it again.  I got it working again for a short time.  Finally decided to take B&N up on their $50 trade-in offer while it still had a charge.  Got a SGTN 10.1".