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    My Review of SGTN 10.1 versus HD+

      I bought both the Nook Color and Nook HD+ as soon as they came out.  I was happy with my 2.5 year old Nook HD+ and had no plans to change tablets.  A month ago my HD+ started giving me charging problems. By re-registering it I was able to charge it from the computer.  B&N had their trade-in offer so I decided to get a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook 10.1 (SGTN).  The price and B&N is 3 minutes from my house made this a good deal.  I like the larger tablet because viewing PDFs in landscape mode works much better.  I got a lot of use out of my HD+ and generally used it from 2 to 6 hours a day so I don't feel upset when it went out.


      I own a Samsung Galaxy S4 phone so I am familiar with Android and Samsung's version of it.  Once I registered it all my B&N content appeared on the tablet.  I use the tablet mainly to read although I expect I will use it more than my HD+ for other stuff.  I don't do a lot of gaming.



      WiFi works much better than the HD+.  I had to install a repeater to get wireless in the backyard for the HD+.  SGTN is able to pick up my main router without a problem. It also supports 802.11ac (5Ghz).


      The first thing you notice is the screen is bright.  I thought it was turned to max brightness but it was at 25%.   The display is lower resolution than the HD+ (1920x1280) versus SGTN (1280x800).  I thought that might result in lower quality text but I really can't see any significant difference.  I have several 720p movies that look amazing.  The screen so bright so I had to change the reader background to the light beige color.


      Camera is 3.15MP (2048x1536) and it is not as good as my phone but it is still quite good and more than adequate for sharing pictures on Facebook or a video for YouTube.  The front camera is 1.3MP and is good enough for Skype.


      The sound is louder than the HD+.  I had to use a Bluetooth speaker to hear movies/Netflix on the HD+.  I can hear fine on the SGTN without the speaker.


      Web browsing is much more responsive on the SGTN.  I really did little web browsing on the HD+ since it was sluggish.  I expect I'll use the SGTN a lot of times rather than going to my desktop or laptop.  I use Firefox.




      I have a lot of movies and other content on my home NAS drive.  I have a web server, FTP server and DLNA server setup so I can access the content from my phone, smart TV, PCs and tablets.  The SGTN had no problem accessing FTP and DLNA using Samsung's MyFiles app or the web server using Firefox.  I rarely connect the tablet to the PC to transfer files.  FTP works great.  I also use AndFTP since it allows you to set the download directory.  On the HD+ I accessed all content using the web browser.


      Screen Mirroring.  I have a Samsung Smart TV (2014).  I turned on Screen Mirroring on the SGTN and the TV immediately asked to confirm request.  I installed the NBC app and screen-cast an episode of Blacklist to the TV.  Worked really well.


      Infrared transmitter.  The SGTN comes a great app called WatchOn that allows you to control most set-top-boxes and TVs.  I use this a lot since I never seem to know where the remote is located.  I mostly use it on my phone but it is nice to have the SGTN as backup.  Unfortunately, they are shutting it down on June 15.  There is another app called Peel that seems to work okay.


      I thought I might use it for email and other docs so I bought a WAWO cover with keyboard from Amazon ($18).  Works well although I still prefer a desktop/laptop and mouse for any serious work.  It comes with a 3' charging cable which is too short for me so I ordered a 6' cable.  I also ordered a 64GB microSD card (max size possible).  I probably don't need that much but you never know.  I put a few movies on it when I travel.


      It has GPS so I installed Nokia's Here Maps.  I installed a map of the U.S. so I could use it offline.  I can't believe this app is free.  Please note the map of the U.S. is 4.7Gb and takes about 26 hours to download and install. I thought it had stalled but you just have to be patient.  It will use the microSD card.  I have only used it twice but it works very well.  I normally use Waze on my phone but it is nice to have a large screen and I don't have to worry about cellular service.


      Samsung has a PC program called Kies3 that you can use to backup your data and upgrade firmware.






      I haven't done any formal testing but the battery life estimate of 10 hours seems reasonable.  With WiFi turned off it uses about 9% per hour and the drop seems linear.   I generally don't let it get below 50% before charging it.  It uses a standard micro USB charging cable and it has charged from 3 different chargers I have.  The HD+ required a special cable and charger.  I also had several instances were I had to tinker with it to charge.  The downside is the SGTN seems to take 2 times longer to charge.




      If your HD+ is working I see no reason to move to the SGTN.  There is no improvement in the reader or viewing magazines or PDFs.  So unless one of the capabilities of the SGTN interests you into spending the money I don't need see an overwhelming need to change.


      On the other hand if your HD+ is acting up don't be worried about switching to the SGTN.