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    .CBZ Double Page Comic Problems

      So I upgraded from the Nook Color to the Nook HD+. Love the new features for .CBZ comics. I do have one issue. When an image inside of the .CBZ is a double page it gets "forced" into a single page. While readable this is not ideal. If I change to landscape reading it does the same thing (forcing the double page as a single page) and also shows the next page as a single page.


      I've used a program to seperate the images into 2 pages but this only works if the pages conicide with the even/odd layout. So if page 1 & 2 are single pages and 3 & 4 are the double pages split they show fine. But if page 1 is a single page and page 2 & 3 are double pages you get pages 1 & 2 together then 3 & 4. I personally don't want to check every week for double pages in 25+ comics to see if I need to add an extra blank page. 


      Does the Nook use some kind of naming algorithm that would acknowledge a double page image is actualy two pages. Currently the program I use to converts labels them as P00001.jpg, P000002.jpg etc. Or is there a way to prevent the image in portrait from automatically trying to fill the page, and instead act similar to the Nook Color where it fit width not height and you could zoom in.

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          I have a similar problem. Everything displays okay except for double page spreads, which display looking like TV static or an old-fashioned scrambled TV signal for some reason. I think the reader is squishing the 2 pages up into the space of one page except it looks completely messed up and unrecognizable. Whatever it's doing, it needs to be fixed. I bought this tablet primarily because it seemed perfect for reading comics. I had to sideload other programs to do what the native software is supposed to do out of the box.