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    Pricing for ebooks on Nook not matching website


      Just a word of caution. Earlier this morning I purchased a "free " ebook from my Nook (clearly listed as "free")...only to discover I was charged for the ebook when I was checking my credit card statement online later this morning. Luckily, the cost of the ebook was less than $2.00....


      When I looked up the book on the B&N website, I saw that it was not listed as free on the website, even though it was listed as free on my Nook HD through the shop feature. The information on the Nook is not matching the B&N website.


      I just wanted to warn folks that before you make a purchase from your device, make sure the price of the item on your Nook matches  the price on the website.  Granted, we shouldn't have to double check everything, but I wanted to save someone from a potentially big bill they might not be expecting. And for those who are wondering, the Nook did not pop up a box confirming price before purchase. I saw a free book that interested me, I tapped the "free" button under the book, it switched to "confirm" which I tapped and then it said downloading...and that was it. It wasn't until I was checking my credit card statement online for a different reason this morning that I noticed a charge from B&N and upon further investigation, discovered the book on the website did not say "free" like it did on my Nook.