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    Can't See All Discussions on Galaxy Tab Nook


      Since the setup of the forums changed a few weeks ago, I can no longer access the current discussions.  When I go to the website, I just see four "places" (Tablets, eReaders, Reading Apps, Books & More) instead of the list of recent discussions I see on the home page when I come to the forums on my computer.  The URL in Chrome on my Nook is exactly the same as the URL in Chrome on my computer, there is nothing indicating that I'm on the mobile site or that allows me to access discussions on the tablet.  In fact, I can only view discussions that are in the four "places" I mentioned before unless I've contributed to the discussion and can get to it via "My Content".  Otherwise, nothing.


      Is anyone else experiencing this?  Is it a bug in the forums?  Will it be fixed?