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    How to add PDF to Home Screen or Shelf?

      I tried to add a PDF file to the Home Screen by pressing on the screen then selecting Library / My Files. What I see is a list of seemingly random files, no way to navigate to where my PDF files are. If I try to add a PDF file to a shelf, there is no option to select from My Files. Can anyone help or offer another option?
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          The MyFiles doesnt seem to sort in alpha order right now. When you go to MyFiles, use the do hicky to the right to see your folders. (When you look below, its showing you everything in the sub folders too -- all mixed up.) Easier to locate things that way. You can also createa separate pdf folder (dont have to put it under MyFiles) to licate even quicker.
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              The "do hickey to the right" is not available when you are adding things to the home page, if I understand you correctly. You must be tapping on the Library icon on the home page and then scrolling down to My Files. I am pressing on an open spot on the home page which after a second or two allows you to drag items to the home page. You see tabs for Library, Apps, Wallpapers, and Bookmarks. You select the tab for the type of item you want to add to the home page. The list of available items scrolls left and right. No subfolders appear in My Files.
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                  @DonMN, Oops... only gave you half the info... (Not one of my better replies.)  Sorry about that.  I'll try again .


                  Yes, you can add a pdf to a shelf and to the home screen.  But as you have correctly pointed out, B&N has made it more difficult (vs the NT which was fairly easy) which either means 1) maybe we shouldn't do this or 2) they just don't want to hear the complaints. (PDF's look so-so on a shelf, but awful on the home screen.)  I'm going with #2.  I'll tell you how and you can decide for yourself.


                  Go to My Library. Create a new shelf by selecting the icon in the lower left corner (Create New Shelf.)  Give it a name.  Select any epub and then save.  (You need to do this to create your shelf.  It doesn't matter which epub.  It can be deleted later.) 


                  You are still in MyLibrary at this point.  Go to MyFiles.  Find the pdf you want to add.  Do NOT tap the pdf, but firmly press it in the center for a few seconds until the following options appear: 


                  Add to Home

                  Add to Shelf

                  Remove from Shelf

                  Clear Default Launcher



                  Pick "Add to Shelf."  It will appear on the shelf as a red rectangle with the file name below.  Not especially pretty, and no, no way to change this to a "preview" that I can see. (On the NT, they were gray rectangles I think.)  Once you are done adding all your pdf's to the shelf, go back to your shelf.  Locate the epub you used to create the shelf, firmly hold it until the options appear again and remove that epub from your shelf.  And there you have it, a bunch of red rectangles with their names under them on a shelf. (Not especially pretty, but functional.)


                  If you want to add a pdf to the home screen, locate the pdf and follow the steps above to get the option "Add to Home."  This is were it gets really ugly.  The pdf will appear as a red rectangle with a "p" in the middle and no file name.  So if there is one pdf you are reading and want quick access to, it will "kind of" work.  But if you add more than one, there is no way to tell them apart (no file name.)  Again, on the NC/NT they were gray rectangles but they did contain the file name.  There were LOTS of complaints about the rectangles. 


                  The above works for documents that are saved directly to your device.  I have not tried it with documents on a SD card (and frankly I am not going to bother.)  


                  If you plan to work with a lot of pdfs and need to move them back and forth from your HD to a PC, there is a much easier way to arrange your documents.  Just create some folders in MyFiles with your "shelves" names.  And then use either ezPdf or Repligo Reader.  Both of these have an option where will locate all folders that have pdf's in them.  Open the folder you want, and you are in your "shelf".  And no worry of your "shelves" dissappearing because you deleted content. 


                  Hope that helps.