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    nook HD+ screen unresponsive

      Last week the screen on my 2 year old nook HD+ went totally responsive. It didn't freeze - animation, such as the directional waves on the unlock screen, still moved, but it didn't respond to touch. I've tried various things - cleaned the screen, soft reset, over night battery charge (charge was at 60% when the tablet first became unresponsive, so it wouldn't seem to be a low battery issue). Finally, I tried a factory reset, but the screen is still unresponsive.


      I'm considering taking it apart to disconnect the battery and see if that does anything, but decided to sign up here first and see if anyone has any advice. Does it sound like a hardware issue? Maybe some touchscreen circuitry got fried? I've used the device for gaming almost every day for the past two years - often had it on for hours at a time. Never dropped it, kept it clean. Recently I've noticed the touch response hasn't been quite as good as it used to be, though - so it may have finally given out.


      Any ideas on the lifespan of a nook that gets daily, multiple hour use?


      Thanks for any help or response.