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    I need Help

      I have a nook hd+ that I purchased about 2 years ago.  Approximately 1 week ago I plugged it in and it failed to charge. I took it back to Barnes and Noble where they told me the battery needed to be replaced however the battery is non-replaceable because it is a closed unit and I would have to get a replacement tablet for $129.  . I have pictures and music on the nook that I need to retrieve and why would I pay to get a replacement, I did not break the tablet and if this battery issue is a factory default, I do not see why I am being charged to replace a tablet that I feel should have lasted longer than 2 years, especially with minimal wear and tear as I had purchased the tablet for school but was unable to open my reading material due to an unsupported format so I used it for movies, pictures and music.


      Customer Service  was useless...they were the ones who said that I had to pay the $129 for a replacement.  Any suggestions


      I took it back to the BN where the item was purchased and their CS manager could not offer a better solution.  If I had wanted a substandard product I would have bought a non name table from a no name seller and expect and "hands up type attitude if it broke."  Very disappointed, if I had known the tablet could not be repaired, I would have gone ahead and bought a regular Samsung Tablet.  I have a Note 4.  All my other devices gives me access to a kindle reader.  I just did not expect to be faced with a tablet that could not be fixed from such a reputable company with no thought for the fact that my family vacation pictures cannot be retrieved due to malfunction of their product, and to show how much they care about CS and backing their product they want me to pay for a replacement.... I would think not.


      Further more, I would never purchase another nook as long as I live.  I just want my information back so I can toss this piece of garbage in the trash.  I feel as though I wasted my money and my time.  I just need help on how possibly to get this tablet to turn on long enough to retrieve my information and then toss it I guess.

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          I have found that 2 years is the typical useful life of small consumer electronics.  Heck, I'm delighted to get six months out of earphones. So, I'd consider this device to be done for.


          Now, how did you get your photos and music onto the device? The Nook HD can't take pictures, so they had to have come from either a computer or cloud storage. Are those pictures still stored in their original location? If so, no worries. I guess the same would apply to the music.  It had to have come from either an online through an app or have been loaded via your PC.  Again, if the music is still in the original location, no worries.


          If for some reason you cut and pasted the photos and music from your computer to another location, you may be in trouble.  (For future reference, you should always have your files backed up.)  If you use your charging cable to connect the device to your computer, you may be able to access them to copy to your PC.  Again, no worries. 


          Now, there is always the unlikely possibility that the problem lies not in your battery, but in your charging cable. If so, a new cable should solve your problem.


          Going forward, I generally like the Galaxy Tab Nook, but the smaller one has far too little memory.  If I were to buy a device on my own, I would get a regular Galaxy Tab with more internal storage.  As it is, I use the Kindle, Kobo, Aldiko, and Overdrive apps in addition to the built-in Nook app.  I don't see how the standard Galaxy Tab would be any different other than giving me more internal storage.


          That reminds me of another thing.  Do you have your photos and music on a micro SD card?  If so, you're golden.  Just pop that puppy out and put it in a card reader.  Done.

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            The pictures were loaded on from different venues and music from different computers...some were stored on the device and others I had on a SD card...I'm not worried about the ones on the SD it's the ones we had stored o. The device itself...you are absolutely correct shudve wudve cudve...I trusted a product from what I deemed a reputable company. ...and figure we hardly used the tablet so the useful life should be expected to be more than 2 years...

            I have a coby tablet that we purchased from HHGREGG for $50...sole purpose was for gaming...I expected this tablet to last only 6 months if even that for the price of $50...  that tablet got 90%  more usage than my Nook HD and we've had that Coby 3 years...

            I thank you for your great suggestions and yes I also used the charging station at Barnes and Noble but the nook did the same thing.   the charging light came up green then orange then blank so the charging port/cable . 

            Just need it to turn on long enough to retrieve my Mexico pictures...the music I can also search and find...but my vacation pictures is what I need...


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              I had this exact thing happen about a month ago.  I was able to get to charge from the USB port  on the computer.  I had everything backed up on my NAS drive and also on one computer.  The trade in program was in process so I bought a SGTN 10.1.  Try to charge it from computer. 

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                Going forward, remember there is no such thing as foolproof data storage. Backup everything and make sure at least one backup location is offsite. Backup to the cloud and your computer. If the computer blows up, you'll have the cloud backup. If the cloud host shuts down, you'll have your computer. Paranoia is good.


                Unfortunately, this stuff isn't widely taught and most people learn the hard way.

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                  Will try...Thank You



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                    agreed.  THANK You you are absolutely right...




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                      Additionally, I recommend buying SquareTrade insurance for all electronic devices. Then, if the device stops working or breaks during the covered period, SquareTrade will either pay to have it repaired, or will send you a check for the original purchase price if you send them the broken device.

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                        This is a classic consumer complaint with modern devices, and it is because the consumer electronics industry either does not educate users on the facts of battery life (or the users ignore them).  Consumers are used to vehicle batteries, which are charged whenever the vehicle is used.  Given the car/truck culture we live in, their batteries stay charged except when abused.  However, a lot of consumers just set their smart phone or tablet down when not using it, postponing the charging until it is convenient or "needed".


                        Rechargeable batteries (whether tablet or car) need to be kept in a state of charge when feasible.  Batteries (whether tablet or car) that are left in an installed device (whether tablet or car) to run down (and they will run down very slightly even when not being used), will be damaged.


                        If you don't charge a vehicle battery and it sits in an unused vehicle for a month, it will be damaged.  Probably still useful, but you have removed some of its life.  That same goes for rechargeable batteries in consumer devices.  Ni-Cads were terrible for this;  Lithium-Ion batteries are better, but no battery can take an extended period of discharge.


                        It used to be that I would buy a spare rechargeable battery for those devices I bought that had replaceable batteries.  I don't do that any more, because it is almost always a waste of money;  I usually upgrade the device before the battery wears out.  Further, it's harder to keep a spare battery charged, although with modern Lithium-Ion batteries, they don't discharge very much if uninstalled.


                        Last year I sold a Motorola Droid phone that I used every day for four years.  The (replaceable) battery in it wasn't quite as good as new when sold, but it still held a charge for normal use for a day.


                        Before that, I used an LG VX4600 "flip-phone" everyday for a couple years.  When I bought the Droid (November 2010), I removed the (charged) battery from the LG phone and placed it in storage.  Every couple years (including today) I pull it out and reattach it to the phone.  The phone powers right up.  I then recharge the battery, remove it, and place it back in storage.  Typically, it has lost about 1/3 of its charge, but charges back up quickly.


                        So, is this true of B&N batteries?  Well, I've owned over a dozen Nooks, and none have failed (including no battery issues).  The only Nooks that had replaceable batteries were the original Nook "1st edition" (also called "classic").  Yes, several years ago I did buy a spare battery for that Nook, and this thread reminded me today, that it has not been installed/charged in the Nook for well over a year (maybe two years).  So, today I swapped it with the installed battery.  The Nook 1stEd powered up with the swapped battery and works just fine.  It is now sitting there charging.  I will come back to this message later today and post an update, as to how long it took to fully recharge.


                        Edit: It took less than two hours to fully recharge.


                        Moral:  Keep installed batteries charged when not in use.

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