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    Missing Magazine Issues

      Has anyone else had trouble with past (non-archived) magazine issues not showing up on their Nook HD?  I just recently bought the Nook HD (to take advantage of its larger storage capacity than my NC), and when I started the Nook HD for the first time, all of my books showed up, but several magazines issues were missing (of differing types of magazines).  There were issues that showed up on my NC and showed as "active" (not archived) on the website, but they do not show up on the Nook HD.  I tried archiving these issues and then making them active again on the website, but they still won't show up on my Nook HD.  Has anyone had similar issues?


      I'm bummed because I was eager to gift my old (but still great) Nook Color to my mom for an upcoming trip (now that I've upgraded devices), but with my inability to read certain issues on the new device as well as my inability to truly archive from the new device (as mentioned in others' posts), I am hesitant to give up my Nook Color.  I've already gotten the most recent update to Nook HD, but hopefully future updates will fix some of these problems.  

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          Some magazines aren't yet compatible with Nook HD. What is shown on the magazine page when you go to the Shop. Does it show the magazine as 'available for Nook HD/HD+'?


          The other possibility is something a few other users have gotten i.e. some books and magazines are just missing for no good reason. Which is probably a server or syncing issue.

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            Hi 5ivedom,


            Thank you for the feedback.  The magazines are listed as "Available for Nook HD/HD+" on the Shop page.  What's weird is that some of the magazine issues in any given subscription come through with no problem, and others do not (of the same magazine).  So, for example, I might have 6 issues of "National Geographic" on my Nook Color (and all are listed as "Active" on my B&N account online), but only 3 show up on my Nook HD (even after rebooting, marking them as "Active" again, resyncing, etc).  It is just so odd, and I'm hoping it will be resolved with a future update.  Thanks again!

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              I have the same problem with my magazine subscriptions. Some are downloading and others aren't. I don't have any of my archived issues at all. They are in my online library and I can see that they are visible on my NST, albeit not supported. Frankly, I wish I hadn't upgraded. I gave my daughter my NC and wished I would have kept it.
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                I was having this issue with People.  Try this (I gleamed this off the forums here, I want to say it was either 5ivedom or Compuserve that posted it, I don't remember off the top of my head).  Tap the little button on the left hand bottom side.  Click Manage Profile Content.  There's subsections and you can see which item is being shown to your profile.  Check what you want to see and uncheck what you don't (don't fret if you have it clouded, its still on the cloud, but now you don't have to stare at an icon with a cloud on it!).  Loved this, I was able to go in and hide my clouded apps and see my magazines.