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    Child account filtering shop results?

      I have a new Nook for my son.  I set up myself as the primary and him as a child profile.  At my local BN, my son found a Pokemon book on the shelf.  We fired up the Nook... no results found.  Under my adult profile, 12 results found. 


      I have the parental controls set to allow unrestricted access to the shop under the child account... still nothing.  The BN Nook expert had no idea, nor the Nook expert on the cust serv line.


      I attempted a work around on my own... I added a second child account, but made the age 18.  This partially worked.  When I typed Pokemon in the search box for the Shop, I didn't get any auto suggestions as I typed, but did get the 12 results after hitting the search button.


      Strange...   This is a children's book title afterall. 


      Any suggestions?  My final thought was to just make him an adult profile, but then I lose the features of the child profile.


      - Jason

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          When you create the account and set the age (right on the first page where you add the name) - That's the age I've found which dictates everything.


          For me child profiles display content that has age rating lower than the age you select for the child profile on the first page.


          I'm guessing that if you change the age to something like 55 it would show you everything. However, that's risky because you'd have your kid run into a load of very messed up titles and covers that are present in most ebook stores i.e. really sketchy stuff I'd rather not mention. I'm not even talking about normal erotica.


          I think setting age as 18 is a reasonable compromise.