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    Thumbnails for movies I add?

      I am playing around with my new Nook.  I am trying to add movies to the SD card.  The movie is mp4 container.  The nook shows a basic blue thumbnail for the movie under the Library section.  How can I add movie cover art?


      - Jason

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          Jason, I've seen other people discuss this and I don't think this is possible.


          There is an app you can get (perhaps called MovieViewer - it's from the people who make DVD Catalyst). It has some nice features and it has some very good reviews on this forum too.


          Just search for DVD catalyst and you'll find some threads that link to this app.

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              I downloaded MovieGallery app.  This seems to fit the bill.  It is not a native solution, but does what I need. Thanks!

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                  Hi Jason, I was curious if you no longer see the stock blue film reel image in your library now that you have the movie gallery app? If not, where do you actually see your movies with their covers (the covers that you provided)? Has Movie gallery been beneficial for you in this regard? I'm trying to figure out if it's worth purchasing :smileywink: I have a lot of movies for my kids on my nook, along with some of my own, that I would love very much, if their covers actually showed up :/ Thanks for your time and any help you can provide! B.