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    Sideloading books help


      I am having trouble sideloading books into my Nook HD+ 16GB. I previously owned a Nook Color and used Calibre to sideload my book library (~300 books in EPUB format) to it and it did it perfectly, with all books being read by my Nook Color. I assumed it would be done the same way with the Nook HD+ so here are the steps I took to do it:

      - Connect my Nook HD+ to my PC using the supplied USB cable. (Device shows up as BNTV600 in My Computer and as a portable media player)
      - Open up Calibre, it detects my Nook HD+ automatically and asks if I want it to manage the device, I click yes. My device and the SD card now show up in Calibre, the device as a black tablet icon and the SD card as an SD card icon.

      - I go to my Calibre library and highlight all of my books (all of them contain metadata and covers for reference) and right click one then click "Send to Device>Send to Storage Card A" and after about 2 minutes all of my books have been transferred to my Nook HD+. 
      - I disconnect the cable and open my Books tab in my Library.
      - The Nook HD+ shows all ~300 books in the library with their respective titles, authors, and covers, everything looks fine.
      *This is where an issue arises. Up until this point everything seemed fine.*
      - I open up a random book to see if it loads and I get this pop-up: 
      "Error Dialog
      Sorry, cannot open this book."
      - I try opening up any book and they will not open, all EPUB files giving me the same message.
      - After I close that message, another pop-up comes up saying "Unfortunately, Reader has stopped."
      - I open up the My Files tab in my Library app and navigate to my SD card. All of the books are stored in "SD Card>Books." I try opening one up from there and they still give me the same message,

      *At this point I am assuming the books are in the wrong path on my SD card since Calibre previously synced my books to the Nook Color in "SD Card>My Files>Books" indstead of "SD Card>Books." *

      - I change the sync location in Calibre to this and remove all books from my device then re-sync so that they get the new path. 
      - After resyncing, I try opening one of the books again (All ~300 books showed up in my library again with all covers/data) yet it gives me the same error dialog.
      - Now I think it might be that the books got corrupted, so I navigated to the SD Card in My Computer and opened one of the books using Sigil (An EPUB editing software) and it loads fine.
      - After that I assume it might be my SD card so I send a book to my internal storage to try reading it yet get the same error dialog again.

      Can someone help me with this issue? Here's a TLDR for anyone who doesn't want to read:

      *Sent book library to Nook HD+ sd card as well as internal storage in Calibre 
      *Nook doesn't read them and gives me a "Sorry, cannot open this book" error.

      I'm really stumped and can't get the Nook to read the EPUB files. I know it isn't the books because they are all retail EPUBs purchased online so that I can sync them to multiple devices without any DRM hassles. My other Nook Color and tablet read them fine, but my Nook HD+ will not open the books. Has anyone else had any problems with sideloaded books?

      I really hope someone can help me sort this out and I look forward to a reply!


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          Hi, I have not experienced this problem and I have a Nook HD+ as well. I also use Calibre to convert all of my books. The only thing I don't do is have Calibre send the files to my device. I simply connect my device to my computer and then drag and drop my files to my internal storage. All of my sideloaded books have worked just fine.


          I hope this helps.

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            Thanks for the reply!

            Unfortunately that solution yielded the same error message for some reason for me. I'm going to factory reset my Nook HD+ then try doing what you said you did without my SD Card to see if that was the problem and send it to internal memory. If it does not work then I'll be back to square one. :s


            Also, when you said you drag/dropped from Calibre to your Nook, did you right click the book to open the file location in Windows Explorer then drag from there to your HD+?

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              A quick update:

              After trying what you did after I reformatted and factory reset my device, the first two books I sideloaded onto my Nook loaded up fine. After that, every other book I dragged onto the internal storage gave me the cannot open book error. I'm going to leave this up overnight and see if I get a reply from someone who can help me fix this issue. I know for a fact it is not the EPUB files themselves as they were purchased from an online retailer then just run through a python script to remove the DRM so that I could load them on all of my tablets and readers. Every other device including the Nook Color reads them perfectly, so it cannot be them, If I can't get this fixed tomorrow I will exchange my HD+ for a new one and see if that fixes the issue. If not, it saddens me but I'll have to return it for a different eReader like the Kindle Fire HD but I really don't want to do that. :s


              Update 2:


              Restoring the nook to factory settings (Erasing and deregistering the device) did nothing for this issue. Going to wait until tomorrow to see if a B&N Employee or someone else can help me fix this issue. If not I will go in for an exchange to Best Buy and hope that a new Nook HD+ will solve this.