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    Ultraviolet - Force a Refresh or Unlink?

      This is actually two questions.  Is it possible to:


      1) Unlink your UV account from your Nook HD / HD+.




      2) Force a refresh of your UV movies.  ie, I added two movies to my UV account (digital copy from Bluerays we got as Xmas gifts) and they have not shown up yet on my Nook. Choosing Refresh on the Nook doesn't do it unfortunately.




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          1) i imagine erasing and deregistering will be one way to unlink your NOOK and UV account.  This may be a more extreme way to do this, and have not come up with a simpler resolution.


          2) Try turning Wi-Fi off, turning it back on, going to settings, account profiles, and it may force it to check your account.

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            It's actually quite easy to refresh your Nook so new movies will show up. All you have to do is go to the movies section of your library and then click the menu icon (lower left corner). Last item on the menu is the refresh button. It takes maybe a minute but all your movies should be available after that.
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              I could not see my movies either but then choose the "Manage Content For Profiles" menu option from the "Movies & TV" library and apparently they were not visible by default.  It may have to do with the fact that we have a child profile registered.

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                I use the VUDU app to view my Ultraviolet content using the Google Play version.  You might want to try it.

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                    with the VUDU app, you only get SD quality on your movies. When Nook video works on HD+, you get full 1080p, huge difference. B&N, please fix issues with UV and nook video, I own close to 250 movies on UV, only around 140 of them are playable on nook video
                    it's especially annoying when only a single movie out of the whole series shows as unsupported (American pie 2, Austin powers 2) while the rest of the series are good. I'm not sure why the movies are not supported when they can be purchased in nook video.

                    as of right now, going into nook video on my computer browser gives me this message:

                    We are sorry...

                    There was a problem with the page you requested. Click here to continue shopping.

                    Please fix it asap.
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                        did you solve your problem? i have same problem.



                        Marjo: Thank you for joining Barnes & Noble Digital Chat Support. This is Marjo.

                        We appreciate your waiting online.

                        I’d be more than happy to give you an excellent service today.

                        Marjo: Hi, Laura!

                        Marjo: May I know your concern, please?

                        Laura: i have over 300 ultraviolet movies any they dont come out in my library

                        Laura: i have HD +

                        Laura: and its suppose to play HD movies

                        Marjo: As I understand, you said that you cannot play the movies you have in your NOOK HD+. Is that correct?

                        Laura: yes

                        Marjo: Do you received any error message?

                        Laura: no they are not in my library and my nook is link

                        Marjo: Can you provide me order number?

                        Marjo: To resolve your issue, all you need to do is to manage the content of your NOOK profile.

                        Laura: no, i dont have an order number

                        Marjo: Please tap on the upper left hand on the screen to bring up a page.

                        Laura: and under the manage content the movie section does not appear

                        Marjo: Please tap on "Edit profiles", and then tap and hold on the profile that would bring up "Manage my Content". Tap on it to allow visibility to the books, apps, etc by putting a check on eBook that you want to show up.

                        Laura: it reads, books, magazines, catalogs, apps, kids

                        Laura: no movie section

                        Laura: hello, you there

                        Marjo: Where did you purchased the movies?

                        Laura: vudu, ultraviolet redeem codes

                        Marjo: You transfer it to your NOOK?

                        Laura: you advertise your nook hd + that it plays ultraviolet hd, is that not TRUE

                        Laura: it is link

                        Laura: both accounts are link ultraviolet and nook

                        Marjo: Please give me a moment I am checking this one.

                        Marjo: To view UltraViolet on your NOOK using the Flixster app, do this: 1. If you have not already done so, create an UltraViolet account on the UltraViolet Web site (www.uvvu.com) and redeem your UltraViolet DVD and Blu-ray titles by following the instructions found inside the box of each UltraViolet-compatible DVD or Blue-ray disc.

                        Marjo: 2. Using the Web browser on your personal computer, visit the Flixster Web site (www.flixster.com) and create a Flixster account. Through the Flixster Web site, link your Flixster account to your UltraViolet account. NOTE: You must perform this linking step on your personal computer. The Flixster app does not include a feature for linking your your NOOK, visit the NOOK Store and download the free Flixster app.

                        Marjo: Open the Flixster app, and log in to your Flixster account.

                        Laura: no, apps only play sd version. I have HD+ I DONT want to use app

                        Laura: i bought nook HD+ because the advertisment said it played HD movies

                        Marjo: That is the only way, you can play your movies from vudu.

                        Laura: no i dont want to use vudu either

                        Laura: I want to use the built in NOOK HD + software to play my movies

                        Laura: my wifes nook doesnt need any app to play HD movies

                        Marjo: If you want to play it directly, purchased the movie on Barnes and Noble.

                        Laura: thats not true,

                        Laura: i havent bought any movies through barnes and noble and they play fine on other nook

                        Marjo: It need's the app to play it.

                        Laura: again you dont need app to play video on nook

                        Marjo: If you're not able to cooperate then I am afraid I cannot help you resolve your issue.

                        Laura: im gonna put this on the internet that you are advertising false merchandise

                        Laura: im reading post right now from other people having same problems

                        Marjo: Please install the "Puffin Browser" application to your NOOK. That web browsing application will allow you to watch videos online.

                        Marjo: You need to install it because the NOOK HD doesn't have updated flash player and the Puffin Browser have updated flash player.

                        Marjo: Are you still there?

                        Laura: on the box it reads that you can play HD video the apps only play sd

                        Marjo: Once it is installed, you should be able to watch videos using your NOOK HD+ without any issues.

                        Laura: I have nood Hd +

                        Marjo: Is there anything else I can help you with ?

                        Laura: yes

                        Laura: yes

                        Laura: puffin browser is part on Barnes and noble?

                        Marjo: No. It is an application from third party developer.

                        Laura: is in the shop area?

                        Marjo: No.

                        Marjo: I mean yes.

                        Marjo: You can download it from the Shop.

                        Marjo: Are we still connected?

                        Laura: how does it access my video library

                        Marjo: You cannot have a video on your library since you didn't download or purchased the movie from Barnes and Noble.

                        Laura: again thats not true, since when did that happen?

                        Marjo: You said that you have is a link for the movie, supposively it will not be visible on the library since it is a link.

                        Marjo: If it is a file then it would be appear on your library under the movies.

                        Laura: are you familiar with the nook?

                        Marjo: Yes.

                        Laura: ok then, all you do is link your ultraviolet account with your nook account and then your movies populate to you library

                        Laura: in my case my movies arent populating

                        Laura: while in my wifes nook they are

                        Marjo: It should be a BN item.

                        Laura: can you direct me where you are getting that information?

                        Marjo: Please call us, that is 1-800-THE-BOOK. (843-2665).

                        Laura: where are you reading that info?

                        Marjo: I do apologize, I'm not able to tell you this information. Kindly call us for further assistance.

                        Marjo: Are we still connected?

                        Laura: i dont see this anywhere in the box either

                        Marjo: Please call us for further assistance.