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    downsized pages on nook hd+ books?

      Hey everyone i am having trouble with my nook hd+. After i download a book and open it up the pages are always small and i can not seem to enlarge them. I tried putting my fingers on the page and spreading them out but that did not work. I have a hypothesis which is that if the book on barnes and noble says nook or nook color edition it will turn up downsized when you download and open the book. Is this true and i am just an idiot for not knowing this or should it not matter? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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          If you have an example of a sample title (preferably one with a free sample preview?) we can take a look.


          If the books are illustrated, it may be hard or impossible to get what you want, if they were laid out for the NC.


          If you're looking to increase text, tap the bottom of the page.  A set of icons pops up;  tap the Aa icon to get into your font and layout controls. 


          Be sure that "override publisher defaults" is set so that you control the font size. 

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              Thank you so much for answering my question i think you are right that if a book is laid out for a nook color and not a nook hd+ then it probably will not confirm to it right. I did find the options under the Aa and tired to pick the size i wanted the page or the margins but that still didnt change anything but thank you so much for your help it really means a lot