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    FACEBOOK not loading

      I started having trouble bringing up my facebook wall a couple of days ago. I can see everything, top, bottom, left and right except for the "wall status" area where I'd normally see updates from my FB friends. Also, if I go to someone's wall specifically, the Nook HD+ starts actting weird like it can't load everything properly. It will eventually lock up and then I have to 'kill' the web browser. This has happened with both the standard browser and the dolphin browser. I've cleared my cache, my history, and my cookies. Wondering if anyone else is having this issue.
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          YES!  I just came here to see if any one has this problem. It is 2 weeks old and has been fine up until today.  Same thing, the message feed is not there but I can see everything else and view friends home pages. Any suggestions??  So frustrating. I hope this is not an indication of problems in the future.

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              After reading thru some posts, I saw where someone suggested using the mobile facebook..I did and my message feed is now back and the pages seem to load much faster. It looks different than my old fb page, but thats ok if it works. Try it...www.m.facebook.com  

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                My facebook stopped working yesterday evening. I tried everyting I could think of with no success. All my groups and my personal page was there but the 'news feed' page was blank. I even installed two other browsers. No luck. Earlier I went to my bookmarks and chose nook facebook page. It loaded the page. Then I hit home page and my facebook is back. Don't know what was wrong but it's working again.