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    Why don't all thumbnail book covers show in Nook library?


      I recently purchased two ebooks on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 4. In the library view, one just shows a gray rectangle with the title in generic font, and the other shows a placeholder cover with "cover coming soon!" on it. When I open each book, the covers show up just fine. One of these books is published by Harper, the other by Bloomsbury (if that makes any difference).


      I've tried turning the Nook on and off. I've tried archiving the books and re-downloading them. No luck. Any ideas on why and how to fix this?

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          My experience with the NOOK Simple Touch is that the ereader will only display a book's cover as a thumbnail if the image file is actually titled 'cover' in the ebook.  (Such as 'cover.jpg' or cover.jpeg', etc.) 


          A program like Sigil can open a DRM-free epub book (such as from Project Gutenberg) and allow you to change the name of the cover image file to 'cover' so the NOOK can find it.  You could even find a better cover picture and use that instead.


          Unfortunately, books you have purchased from B&N are almost certainly protected by DRM, which would prevent you from tinkering with them.


          Also, the NST has a file called .docThumbs that saves those thumbnail images.  Unfortunately the thumbnails aren't deleted when the book is, so if you read and delete a lot of content there might be a fair amount of memory being used up by dead thumbnail image files.  You can delete them when the reader is plugged into the computer.


          Now, this was all on the Simple Touch, so I can't say for certain that it will hold true for your newer device.


          Best of luck.

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            Alex Garcia

            gecn If you still haven't been able to get this resolved; I recommend signing out of your account on your tablet. It's a little less disruptive than a full on reset and should help.


            To do so, launch the NOOK Settings app and tap "My Account". Once there tap on on your account email a few times rapidly, and you'll be presented with the sign out option.


            After Signing out just sign back in with your BN account info and you're library should sync again.


            Hope this helps


            - Alex

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                I have this problem as well and I did as you suggested and signed out and back in, but it didn't. I had 3 books that wouldn't show the covers  at first and now almost all of my books aren't showing their covers. Right now the only way to keep the covers showing is to be connected to the internet the whole time, which is not possible as I'm not always in a place with Wi-Fi and  I don't want to stay connected all the time.